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7 Reasons Why You Should Go Solar

Solar energy, it’s not just a trending alternative energy, but also a promising source of renewable, clean and green energy. If you happen to wonder why you have to go Solar, let us walk you through these seven compelling reasons.

  1. Good for you, good for the environment

Finally there is a way to significantly lower your carbon footprint. Your carbon footprint has a lot of latent harmful impact on the environment apart from the obvious ones. One major appreciable feature of Solar is that it doesn’t pollute Mother Nature. It is fully functional with absolutely no need for other resources. If you go Solar, you simply go eco-friendly!

If you think of a sustainable future, it lies with solar and the reasons are two-fold. One is the well-known fact that it is completely self-sufficient and secondly, it’s safe to install (check out the installation mistakes to avoid).

  1. You can be off-the-grid

The traditional electricity relies on non-renewable resources like fossil fuels. Since they are limited in terms of quantity, they translate into what you call ‘a volatile market’, in which energy prices fluctuates in different time periods.

Solar electricity gives you the power of independence! You needn’t worry about unpredictable increase in your electricity bill. Let’s face it, you will enjoy electricity all day as sun isn’t going to charge you! Your house will run on your one -time investment. With Solar panels on, you will attain the energy-independent status.

  1. Hello Underutilized Land

Thanks to Solar, we can make the best out of barren lands. Lands not suited for buildings or agriculture can now become the power hub of a city. A solar farm can be a called a very rational and effective investment for a viable, long-term energy source.

Given the scalable nature, it is definitely a go-to choice for individual houses to corporate firms to large communities.

  1. Taper-off electricity loss

Before the electricity reaches you, it goes through an extensive process starting from the big power plants. A great deal of power loss happens in this long-distance transportation process.

Now imagine you have a solar set-up. How does the energy reach you? Right from your rooftop! Since the distance travelled is less, the electricity efficiency also increases. And you can control the electricity usage and bills. As a bonus, it is a durable source which means there won’t be any service interruption.

  1. Get set for grid security

With Solar, you have your backup for situations like blackouts or brownouts. You can be prepared even for the worst-case scenario be it natural disasters or human-caused calamity. When you invest in Solar, you invest in a greater electricity grid security too!

  1. Play in the economic picture

Your decision of going Solar can significantly contribute to the economy of Australia! According to the reports, Solar sector of renewable energy actually created 6,430 FTE jobs between the year 2016-2017 (Australian Bureau of Statistics).

Like any commodity, many industries play together for your final product. In this case there are players from silicon disks to metallic frames. You create a small difference in the market altogether.

  1. Solar: a free source

The best news about the Solar power is that no one owns the supply of the major source, the sun! There is no chance, at least for a century from now, for anyone to monopolize the sunlight! The benefits of this power system are more long-term, so you need patience to actually realize how effective it is.

Do you have any more reasons to add? We would love to hear from you in the comments section.


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