Are you planning to add more solar panels to your existing system?

Undoubtedly, solar power is the best sustainable energy giving you big savings. Of course, upgrading your solar panels NSW can add to your savings.

Not only renewable energy reduces your bills and reliance on gird power but remarkably shrinks your properties’ carbon footprint. Evidently, it’s the finest way to go green while acquiring several perks.

These are the reason why more people are jumping into the solar energy bandwagon. Meanwhile, those who have already rejoicing its impeccable benefits are looking for ways to expand it.

In such a case, adding solar panels to home system or upgrading it can really work. However, for up-gradation there are several prevalent considerations requiring prior attention.

This needs to be looked into the commencement of project expansions. In fact, not every kind of solar up-gradation can work for your system.

Moreover, the goals of connecting extra solar panels

Here are the experts’ take on this topic.


What Are the Ways to Add More Solar Panels to Existing System?

Upgrading the solar system appears as a hefty task.


Well, being unaware of the basics can increase complexity in the specification of the projects. Fundamentally, there are three ways to expand your existing residential Solar System NSW. Each having specific advantages ideal for your system.

Here, you can find a brief account of the three ways to add more solar panels. This would help eventually understand which option is perfect for your project.

#1: Keep Your Inverter and Add More Solar Panels

One of the straightforward option you can go forward with. Whatever your requirement is, upgrading your panels while keeping the same inverter can further increase overall production.

In fact, adding solar panels to the existing system in Queensland is the most preferable option among clients. Well, without adding an additional inverter, electricity production increases to a significant level.

People aren’t aware that an inverter is capable of connecting to a system with peak power. Therefore, unless, it doesn’t exceeds the inverter’s rated peak power, connecting extra solar panels won’t make a mess.

Moreover, a single inverter can effectively work under normal safety protocols. That too, when it is connected to an array of solar panels with a peak power of up to 133% of the inverter’s capacity.

This occurs due to the natural loss of energy when it transfers is going on from the panel array to the inverter. For instance, the actual energy production of a 3kW solar system is 2.4kW.

In short, it indicates a little room when it’s about adding more panels to the existing system. However, this can happen when you hire an expert solar system installer expert enough to carry out these objectives.


#2: Replace Your Inverter with a Larger One, Then Add More Panels

Upgrading your system doesn’t necessarily mean just to add more solar panels. Well, with the availability of quality and higher performing solar panels and inverters, you have a better opportunity to upgrade.

Replacing the previous inverter with a newer one will significantly improve the overall efficiency of the system. In fact, there are numerous several examples of inverters older than 7 years, have a lower performance.

If you have an average solar inverter brand, it’s the right time to switch to some quality and reliable brand. In fact, newer, larger models can reduce the issue of finding compatible solar panels for your current system.

Undoubtedly, there is always the latest, innovative, and higher-performing technology available right next to the corner. This applies to the solar industry too. Henceforth, finding an improved and more efficient inverter won’t be complex either.

Well, with a newer and larger inverter adding two or more inputs of solar panels won’t be a difficult thing to do.


#3: Install a New System Separately From Your Existing Solar System

Do you prefer a more straightforward approach?

In such a case, the best way to expand your Solar Panels NSW is by adding a second solar system. Well, this means a separate installation of the system with its own set of solar panels, inverter(s), and battery backups.

In fact, this option has additional perks. Undoubtedly, the separate system will come with an additional warranty, which doesn’t rely on the old system.

In addition, you can claim for additional rebates for your newer system. Getting a newer system at a reasonable rate is possible.

These were the top three ways to add more solar panels to upgrade your existing system. However, for expanding energy generation, only expert installers can get you a real-time difference.


Upgrading Solar System With The Best Solar Panel Installer NSW

Expanding your current solar powerhouse to a great energy generating system is a highly technical matter. Only experts can achieve superb precision while complying with vital objectives to leads to an excellent performing system.

Solar Beam, the pro solar system installer, holds the expertise in providing brilliant solar system upgrades. Our experience and resilient effort in putting out the best in each project is what sets us apart.

Having a dedicated team of professionals specifically into solar technology for years knows how to get things right. Starting with an in-depth analysis of the sight, current system, and required specifications, we provide our expert input.

Not only this gets you stunning energy production but ensures long-lasting output. Whether it’s a residential project or commercial, our commitment lies in providing with the best.

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Well, it’s not about the solar system size only. Mostly, the output depends on the quality of the equipment used. Hence, we rely only on tier 1 solar manufacturers like Jinko, solaX, LG, German Solar Panels to ensure quality and maximum performance.

Our cutting edge solar power solutions fit every kind of dynamic solar energy demand. To meet the stunning specification, we utilize quality and higher performing solar panels and higher quality inverter.

In short, Solar Beam is another name for extensive performance and reliability.


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