Those willing to invest in solar panels often rejoice in the prospect of harnessing a lasting energy source. Its ability to offer renewable energy without requiring any specific external influence can help you save thousands of dollars for years on end.

However, just like any other physical thing, they are not indestructible. Extreme weather conditions and heat are the prime reasons behind their degradation.

However, the good news is investing just a couple of minutes out of your day looking after your panels is likely to pay off in a big way.

Undeniably, there are times when you may need professional assistance for replacements and repairs that are beyond the purview of general maintenance.

Most of the time, though, a carefully planned out strategy is enough for a good quality Solar Panels NSW to last for its warranted lifetime.

So, below we’ve discussed some of the steps you can take in advance for solar panel maintenance and upkeep.


Solar Panel Maintenance Checklist

The only thing solar panels require to function on a daily basis is just unobstructed sunlight in an area that allows for air circulation to keep them from overheating.

The guidelines for proper maintenance may vary from time to time depending on seasonal fluctuations as well. For instance, clearing away heavy snowfall may require extensive cleaning as compared to dirt, debris, and leaves.

However, taking just a few steps will help you squeeze every ounce of dollars you’ve invested in the Solar Panel Installation. Follow these steps to maintain your panels in their top condition:


#1. Get Your Solar Panels Serviced

Regular servicing of panels helps maintain their condition and ensure that they keep running smoothly. You can call for a servicing session once a year where an installer will visit and inspect the panels visually.

Doing this ensures that the panels are performing as expected. In case of any technical faults, the servicing agents will recommend the possible course of action to fix it.

At the very least, it’s far better than sudden financial expenses on Solar Panel Repairs later on.

Moreover, you always have the option to talk to your installer to schedule servicing after every few months. Along with panels, installers can also check over other solar components like inverters and the meter to assess if they are in the right condition.


#2. Remove Physical Obstructions

You really need to pay close attention to the surroundings in which you install your panels. That’s why you often need the help of a professional installer to determine the placement of the panels.

In case there are any overhanging branches, then they have to be removed before the final installation. Even if you spot branches or any other objects hanging over the panels after installation, you must cut them out yourself or ask for assistance. Because these obstructions can threaten the panels if they are to fall on them.

Removing these dangers provides your panels with a secure place to keep generating the required energy.

Plus, Solar Power Solutions tend to perform the best when they’re placed at the right alignment with correct sloping.


#3. Keep Them Out of Shade

For a Solar System Installation to work in your favor, the first thing it needs is to receive unhindered sunlight. However, a home’s natural topography can be a hurdle in achieving this.

Most Australian homes will receive maximum sunlight with a north-facing roof. So, it may be more beneficial to install panels in this direction.

By any chance, if you’re not able to install panels in this particular position, your installer can come up with solutions. Some feasible options include installing string inverters or a ground-mounted system.

Sometimes, shading issues can also arise after installation where the panels get shaded by some other objects like leaves or dust. Well, this brings us to our next point.


#4. Clean Your Solar Panels

Cleaning your panels is the most basic thing you can do to ensure it remains in top shape. The best way to clean your panels is to use soapy water with a hose. This will clean the panels off of dust, pollens, or leaves falling on them allowing it to receive direct sunlight.

However, don’t use a high-pressure water sprayer when washing the panels as it can lead to more damage. You can also clean the panels every few days with a washcloth. But during winters, look out for snow and debris and clean accordingly.

Whatever steps you take, aim to clean the panels without scratching them. Proper cleaning directly translates to better sunlight and energy production.


#5. Check Into the Day-to-Day Performance

You can check how much energy your solar panels produce over time by installing a performance monitoring system. This will help you evaluate the energy production and quickly alert you if there are any underlying issues.

Not to mention, monitoring a panels’ performance also enables you to assess how different external factors affect it.

The monitoring system usually sends all the data to the Internet every few seconds. You can have the login details through which you can see different factors like production, savings, and battery charge.

Another thing to consider for solar panel maintenance is to see if the inverters are flashing the green light. If yes, then everything is well and there’s nothing to worry about. But if no, then you need to call in a professional to fix the glitches.

Not taking care of faults on time may end up costing you more. Ultimately, raising up the total Solar Panel Cost.

What Else Can You Consider?

Along with taking the above steps, some other things you can take care of are:

  • Install automated cleaners to do the cleaning work if you can’t find the time to do it manually
  • Take care of the angle at which the panels are installed so that the rain and dust slides right off.
  • Think about making an up-front investment rather than making small investments later on frequent repairs.
  • Consider installing top-quality tier-1 solar products as they are covered by robust warranties for repairs and replacements.
  • Avoid resorting to DIY methods for fixing faults. Rather, get in touch with an experienced company as they know what they’re doing.

Well, it shouldn’t cost you a fortune to take care of average solar panel installation. Furthermore, installing the Best Solar Panels may cost you a bit. But they are also top-performing and reduce the need for frequent repairs in future.

If you’ve already installed a Solar System NSW, the savings are probably way more than what you bear for solar panel maintenance.

We can help you make the most out of solar energy and cut out most of the repair expenses with a quality installation.


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The absence of a proper solar panel maintenance plan can be the wastage of all your prior investments into it.

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Some of the brands we have that you can select from include Jinko, Trina, LG, Seraphim, Canadian, and German Solar Panels.

We provide:

  • An assurance of 25-30 years of performance warranty along with the manufacturer’s warranty on PV panels
  • Regular service and support from experienced technicians
  • 10 years warranty on selected inverters
  • 1-year workmanship warranty
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