Current data shows solar energy to have already made its mark in terms of its viability and reliable use of a natural resource. Installing rooftop solar panels is, in fact, a value addition to your sustainable lifestyle.

Australia, being a rich country in terms of abundant sunlight, has witnessed many new installations within the past few years alone.

Evidently, almost all of us are well aware of the numerous advantages solar offers. Still, it’s not advisable to rush when it comes to Solar Power Solutions. Like everything else in life, determining the limitations and your own priorities is nonetheless important, if not decisive.

So, there are certain things you must know before going all the way through with your decision to invest in rooftop solar panels.

This blog will detail those factors in a consumer-friendly format establishing the most important criteria for Solar System Installation.


What You Should Know About Rooftop Solar Panels Installation?

Installing solar panels on your roof is one of the uncomplicated ways to harness the Sun’s energy, be it for your small appliances, car, or any other utilities.

Apart from cost being one of the first things on your mind, you also need to consider the property’s topography and technical details of panels. And oftentimes, these things take up a much larger portion of your time in the planning phase.

While our professional installation experts can help you with that, here’s a checklist for reference.

#1. Rooftop Solar Panels are Limited by Their Position and Weather Conditions

Take notice of the roof direction, panels inclination, and house position before installing solar panels. Roofs usually have different shapes and sizes and panels can be installed on almost any kind. However, you need to evaluate the roof’s position and available space.

For one, a north-facing roof in Australia receives the maximum sunlight given the country falls south of the equator. PV panels installed on such a roof will generate the most energy for a major part of the day.

Secondly, ensure that there is enough space to install the panels of your choice. Limited space on your roof may hinder you from installing a big system size like 10kW Solar Panels.

Additionally, installing any Solar Panels NSW will put a certain amount of extra weight on your roof. Thus, it should be able to take on the weight of panels without collapsing. Not only is a weak roof dangerous for safety reasons but it also adds up repair costs and may deviate your pre-defined budget plans.

Moreover, excessive rain on unsheltered panels may also degrade its performance. That’s why placement is an essential measure of a successful installation.


#2. Types of Solar Panels and Your Energy Requirements Go Hand in Hand

There are two dominant rooftop solar technologies you can choose from, namely monocrystalline and polycrystalline. Aesthetic wise, monocrystalline panels have a blackish tinge whereas polycrystalline ones have a bluish hue to them.

But when it comes to efficiency, monocrystalline ones are the Best Solar Panels as they are made from a single source of silicon. Hence, you can rely on its silicon purity and the energy efficiency of the cells.

On the other hand, poly panels are slightly less efficient but nonetheless a good option if you’re low on budget.

Moving on, you must also assess your energy requirements to decide what kind of PV technology will suit you better.

Every household has different energy consumption patterns depending on the appliances.

So, refer to the previous electricity bills to determine the average Rooftop Solar Panels Efficiency that would fulfill your purposes. However, the final energy outcome will also depend on the environmental factors affecting the panels’ productivity.


#3. Rooftop Solar Panels Does Not Need Direct Sunlight to Work

While your panels perform the best in direct sunlight, it’s not to say that they can’t function on cloudy or winter days. In fact, the Most Efficient Rooftop Solar Panels System are tested to meet real-life conditions.

Technically, your panels produce free electricity during the day in the presence of sunlight. This alone cuts down a major portion of your bills as this is the time when the electricity charges are most expensive.

Moreover, battery storage can be used to suffice for the lack of direct energy production during the nighttime.

Installing a battery storage unit doesn’t have to be expensive, either. You can connect a grid-tie Solar System NSW to a battery to utilize the generated energy as per your wish.

Later, you have the option to export any amount of extra power to the main grid or conserve it for emergencies. Though, choosing to export to the main grid can help you offset your investment in a storage unit.


#4. Warranty Safeguards Your Investment in Rooftop Solar Panels System

Installing quality solar panels greatly reduces the risk of technical issues in the future. However, it’s a bit impractical to think that no issues will arise.

If you’re even a bit familiar with how panels work, then you know it degrades with time. Thus, it becomes essential to look for robust warranties. In such a case, you know you’ll get assistance in case something does happen.

The 3 standard warranties you should essentially look for are:

  • Product warranty – 10 to 12 years
  • Performance warranty – 25 years
  • Workmanship warranty – At least 1 year

The product warranty addresses the specific defects and technical faults in the solar panels. Whereas, performance warranty guarantees support in case your panels underperform.

Mostly all branded panels are tested to perform efficiently for its lifespan of 25 years. On the other hand, the workmanship warranty covers installation errors.

Always make sure you entrust a reputed supplier with your money and that they will be there to offer immediate support.


#5. Servicing and Maintenance of Solar Panels Is As Easy As It Gets

After installation, PV panels require minimal upkeep. All you need to do is clean the panels with a washcloth every 15-20 days. Thus, Cleaning Rooftop Solar Panels System doesn’t take up much of your time and can be done easily by anyone in your family.

Furthermore, ensure that the panels are not shaded by leaves or tree branches. You can take care of this yourself without the assistance of a professional.

In fact, a tilted roof often requires less cleaning as rain naturally cleans the panels of any dirt. If you do encounter some other maintenance issues, those will come under the warranty period. Though, that is only true when your solar setup is insured by a warranty and you have the certificate to claim it.

That’s why it’s imperative for you to opt for a reliable supplier who you know will be there in case of malfunctions. Or else, your solar panels can fail even before its useful lifespan.


#6. Finding a Sweet Spot Between the Pricing and Your Needs Is Important

Cost is often the first priority for budget-conscious consumers. Finding a system that meets your criteria and is yet not overpriced can be mind-numbing for first-time solar buyers.

However, don’t overestimate the price of panels. While it’s true that premium options do cost more, those also payback quickly due to their energy efficiency. Moreover, the Cost of Installing Rooftop Solar Panels System have been falling if we see the recent trend.

It’s more than likely that it will continue to fall in the future as well due to the rise in installations and decreased cost of materials. What you should do is set aside a budget and get quotes from multiple companies to evaluate your available options.

Always choose to install the panels that best fits your requirements instead of blindly following the trend.

Though, with a wide range of PV alternatives, it can get confusing to sort through your options. That’s where we come in!

Our local Australian support team can help outline your options cut out to fit your requirements and financial expectations.


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