Solar industry has been growing in the Australian market with swift technological breakthroughs. It goes without saying that Aussies want to buy the best solar panels as long as the most cost-effective incentives last.

And so the number of manufacturers to service this large pool of consumers keeps increasing as well.

With this proliferation of solar companies, it has become a quest in itself to find out who manufactures the best solar products. Each solar manufacturer supersedes some other company in one aspect or the other.

Further, a new solar consumer is often not well-versed to accurately determine what exactly “fit” their needs.

Though, the most productive way to choose the Best Solar Panels NSW is to assess the available options based on certain criteria.

Independent analysis or tests conducted by industry experts further help you evaluate your options. But we know this is not as easy as it sounds!

Today, we’ll make things a little less complicated for you by cutting out all the technical solar jargon.


The Basis for Our Evaluation of the Best Solar Panel Manufacturer

Before even ranking the best solar panels manufacturers, what’s important is to stack them based on key technical aspects. Without this basic knowledge, it’s unlikely you would be able to make a cost-efficient decision.

Below are the important points that should factor in your decision to shortlist the best solar panel manufacturer.

#1. Manufacturer’s History

While you may find many manufacturers offering cutting-edge technology, it’s also important to acknowledge how long they have been in the market.

Companies could literally crop up overnight considering the rate at which the solar industry has been expanding. However, the company you buy solar panels from should be a long-established one.

Well, it’s necessary to make sure that the company will be there to honor their warranty, which is typically 25 years.

In case the company you choose halts their operations before hitting that mark, you end up with no warranty support.

Further, it will be difficult to get replacements and repairs and will eventually hurt your investment.


#2. Efficiency

Top manufacturers offer proof for tested efficiency ratings.

Panel efficiency is directly related to the financial returns you’ll be able to get out of the installation. It is, in fact, the first thing that usually rules the mind of a solar buyer.

Moreover, efficiency indicates the quality of the solar module and how it will perform throughout its warranty period.

Technically, the more efficient a solar panel is, the more power it will generate for you.

Higher efficiency also indicates that there will be a slower rate of degradation in quality due to temperature variances.

Look for panels with better spectral response and anti-reflective glass. PV panels meeting these specifications are more likely to perform even in adverse conditions.


#3. Warranty

Solar Panels Warranty is another factor you should consider while selecting the best solar manufacturer. Now, there are two types of warranties here, namely the warranty you get on materials and the performance warranty.

Ask your solar company about both these warranties. Further, ascertain if there are different warranty standards for any other component you install along with your panels. These components also include inverters and batteries.

Not to mention, this will all go in vain if the process to claim the warranty is hassle-some. So, make sure you understand all the steps and there is an easy way out when you need replacements and repairs.


#4. Performance

Choose the manufacturer who offers the best performing solar panel systems and has the proof to back up their claims.

You can make a better assessment of the panels based on independent laboratory tests. These tests grade the panels based on the degradation in output and quality after the average lifespan of 25 years.

Plus, it offers a safety net as the panels are tested under real-life conditions.

On average, panels rating will be around 80% after its useful warranty. However, you can also expect the performance ratio to be above 90% for a few top solar panel manufacturing brands.


#5. Australian Presence

This factor is often overlooked while shortlisting the best solar panel manufacturer. However, it’s a crucial aspect to determine if the manufacturer is fully committed to serving the Australian market.

A strong presence of the solar manufacturer in Australia also matters a lot in your pursuit of the best Solar System NSW. Not only that, but a customer service branch will also make it easy to address any technical issues.

Additionally, it becomes easier to claim warranty and get repairs and replacements when there is a local office.


#6. Sustainability

Sustainability measures how sustainable the panels are when it comes to corporate social responsibility and the environment.

The best solar panel manufacturer is committed to exercising responsibility in its products and operations.

Moreover, there are various certification bodies checking over the compliance of sustainability measures within the PV supply chain. Some factors inspected for certification include:

  • Emissions reporting & reduction
  • Worker rights, health, and safety
  • Supply chains
  • Conflict minerals
  • Module toxicity and recyclable content

The best solar panels in the industry are the most sustainable ones and have minimal toxicity for the environment.

Well, considering these factors will surely help you out while selecting the best solar panel manufacturer.

Generally speaking, the best manufacturers are always those who offer assured warranties, competitive pricing, and high efficiencies.

Based on the above-selected criteria, we’ve shortlisted the top 3 solar panel manufacturers in the Australian market.

Below, we’ll discuss each of them to find out why you should be investing your hard-earned money into them.


The Best Solar Panel Manufacturer In NSW

Undeniably, there are a number of top-rated manufacturers present in Australia’s solar market currently.

Moreover, there are many third-party review sites you can get assistance from for ranking top brands.

While your ultimate choice will always depend on your personal criteria, here are the top 3 manufacturers according to our analysis:

Basis for Evaluation

Jinko Solar Panels

LG Solar Panels

Trina Solar Panels

Company History

Founded in 2006

Established in 1958

Founded in 1997

Efficiency of Panels

Up to 20.4% Reaching up to 22%

Up to 19.9%

Warranty Offered

10 years 25 years 10 years
Panels’ Performance 80.2% 90.8%


Australian Office

In Brisbane Multiple Offices In Sydney
Sustainability* 100/100 84/100


*Sustainability ratings are based on the overall score as rated by the 2018-19 Solar Scorecard of Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition (SVTC).

#1. Jinko Solar Panel Review

Jinko solar should be in your wishlist if you’re after a good combination of reliability and price efficiency. With an established history in the industry, they started by manufacturing silicon wafers back in 2008. However, the company was founded in China in 2006.

Furthermore, Jinko Solar Panel Efficiency sold in Australia ranks anywhere from 17 to 20%. Jinko also includes the panel’s frame in the efficiency calculation. So, you’re always getting an accurate estimation of the efficiency.

Unlike some other manufacturers, Jinko solar has actually come a long way in terms of sustainability.

In 2014, they scored a 7 out of 100 in the Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition rankings. However, they are now at no.1 position with a 100/100 score according to the latest report.

 Why Should You Invest in Jinko Solar Panels?

  • Jinko Solar Panel Warranty of up to 10 years
  • Durability and performance even in extreme environmental conditions
  • Solar panel modules certified to withstand high wind load (2400 Pascal) and snow load (5400 Pascal)
  • Competitive Price of Jinko Solar Panel for average consumers
  • Advanced glass technology for excellent performance in low-light conditions


#2. LG Solar Panel Reviews

This South Korean giant is well-known for high-quality, tier-1 panels. With time, they have established their solar division as one of the most premium brands in the industry.

In fact, LG Solar was awarded the Intersolar Award in the PV module category for its LG NeON™ 2 solar panels with Cello Technology back in 2015.

LG even sells the NeON 2 panels in the Australian market with an efficiency of up to 19.3%. With a slightly lower efficiency, you can also choose to install LG NeON 2 Black for its color and aesthetics.

The most distinguishing factor, though, is the LG Solar Panel Warranty on panel performance.

All the LG panels you buy in Australia will have a 25-year replacement warranty. Plus, the warranty also includes the cost of labour required to install replacement panels.

 Why Should You Invest in LG Solar Panels?

  • Excellent LG Solar Panel Efficiency with up to 320W panel output on LG NeON 2 panels
  • Panels with Ammonia Resistance certification and PID Resistance Testing
  • Panels with positive tolerance rating (0/+3%) for extreme performance
  • Low LID (Light Induced Degradation)

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#3. Trina Solar Panel Review

Trina was named the world’s most bankable solar panel manufacturer in 2016. It’s actually one of the well-respected names in the category of tier-1 solar PV manufacturers.

Further, Trina Solar Panels is considered a key player in the global PV industry with a total shipment of an estimated 9.7GW of panels in 2019. Similar to Jinko, Trina also improved upon its sustainability score. It is placed at the second spot in the latest rankings by SVTC.

Trina Solar Panel Efficiency in Australia usually ranks around 17.8% depending on the module. Though, the company had quickly become the world leader in multicrystalline efficiency after introducing its honey panel in 2012.

Moreover, they have manufacturing experience in high-efficiency panels for more than 15 years. While Trina is not the most premium option, Trina Solar Panel Price is more affordable with a great cost-benefit ratio.

 Why Should You Install Trina Solar Panels?

  • Trina Solar modules have ranked at the top for most reliable performance under real-world climate conditions
  • Positive power tolerance of -0/+5%
  • Panels can withstand high wind loads (2400Pa) and snow loads (5400Pa)
  • Cost-effective combination of price and performance

Additionally, ask your local solar company each and every detail about the panels they will be installing for you. Inquiring about the manufacturer, model, and warranty of each solar component is paramount in a Solar Installation.

Moreover, choosing the best solar panel manufacturer is not only about picking a tier-1 brand or panel performance. Rather, you should also take in consideration your own financial restraints.

We can help you determine the best brands for you under your budget.


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