Investing in a quality solar panel module is the perfect fit for people who are tired of paying high energy bills.

However, choosing a panel is a daunting task, considering the wide range of options available in Australia.

In fact, most people will have to invest a good amount of time to choose the best Solar Panels NSW. But if you’ve recently started your search for the right solar panel, you must’ve come across some big names.

Selecting among them is your best bet at getting the maximum ROI.

Moreover, a consumer has to compare different specs and cost factors among other things before coming to a conclusion.

Undoubtedly, the entire process is not fun and soon seems like an ordeal without the assistance of an expert.

Well, we aim to make things a little bit easier for you today. After a comprehensive solar panels comparison, we’ve come up with the top three brands everyone should have in their wishlist while solar shopping.

We’re talking about none other than LG, Trina, and Jinko Solar Panels. Our goal in writing this comparison review is to break down the distinctions for you so that you make the right solar investment.


Comparing LG vs Trina vs Jinko Solar Panels

Some metrics integral to the selection of the Best Solar Panels include efficiency, warranty, performance, and durability.

So, in a sense, you’ll have to evaluate all the technical specifications to develop a ranking among the best.

The one you end up choosing should be the right balance of quality and price

Right? LG, Trina, and Jinko are some of the best options due to their stellar specs, warranty, and reliability.

Here, we’ve prepared a solar panels comparison table based on the analysis of these main features. Have a look!



LG Solar Panels

Trina Solar Panels

Jinko Solar panels


Multi Anti-reflective Coatings for Better Output Exceptional performance in low-light conditions

Extreme weather resilience: Withstands wind load (2400 Pascal) and snow load (5400 Pascal)

Wattage Rating

320W – 375W 280W – 340W

280W – 340W


18.4% to 22% 16.2% to 19.9%

15.57% to 19.88%

Temperature Coefficient Rating

-0.4 to -0.3 -0.41 to -0.37

-0.4 to -0.36

Product Warranty

25 years 10 years

10 years


Tested in real-life conditions Tested in real-life conditions

Panels tested under real-life conditions

Price Range

Medium-High Low-Medium



#1. LG Solar Panels

The South Korean company is a big player in the solar market. You must’ve come across many LG Solar Panels Review already while searching for the most premium solar products.

Well, it’s no surprise! It doesn’t take long to realize that these panels are some of the most preferred options among customers.

In fact, LG Solar Panels NSW is one of the most high-end solar products available in Australia.

Today, the company undertakes large-scale mass production of solar panels. However, the history of LG in solar PV research and development goes way back.

Furthermore, LG Solar Panel Efficiency Rating will vary depending on the model you choose to buy.

The company primarily sells two models in Australia, the Neon 2 and Neon R panels. As both types have amazing energy efficiency, they can be a useful addition for a home with limited roof space.

Though, installing a Neon R model offers you a much higher efficiency which tops up at 20.8%.

LG is also one of the rare solar manufacturers to offer you a 25 years replacement warranty. This is way above the industry standard. Being an established company, they will be there to honor the warranty as well.

Installations may cost you a bit as this is a premium brand. Though, the LG Solar Panel Price will always vary depending on the local and federal incentives.

Plus, the price may be on the higher end when you install other components like inverters and batteries.


  • Panels are extensively tested to perform in tough weather conditions
  • All the LG solar panels are salt mist and ammonia corrosion resistant
  • Use of only mono-crystalline cells for better quality and durability
  • Industry-leading 25 years warranty



  • Slightly on the expensive side

Next up, we’ll have a solar panels comparison of Trina Solar Panels vs Jinko Solar Panels.

Let’s see where these solar manufacturers stand when compared to LG.


#2. Trina Solar Panels

Trina is a Chinese company and happens to be the world’s biggest PV manufacturer. The company is heavily into production of tier-1, highly reliable solar panels in different varieties.

Trina Solar Panels Sydney range includes panels for residential, commercial, and large utility-scale projects. The company has actually tapped into many cell technologies including half-cut monocrystalline, polycrystalline, and advanced bifacial models.

In particular, their honey monocrystalline range of panels has been considered a very good choice in terms of efficiency.

Moving on, Trina solar was established way back in 1997. And the company has ever since expanded its offices in many solar markets.

Trina Solar Panel Installation is the most common among people looking for quality under budget.

While the company offers a standard 10 year warranty, Trina is a much lower cost high-end option. The focus here is performance and being a sustainable investment that could pay back in the long-run.

Moreover, Trina solar panels is a leader when it comes to environmental and social responsibility. In the most recent report by Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition, Trina has been ranked second in the world. 

Trina Solar also has a reputation for making performance improvements over the years. That’s perhaps why Trina Solar Panel Efficiency is some of the best you’ll find within the industry.

The company could improve its prospects even further by extending its product warranty period to 15 or 20 years. Though, it still is one of the most affordable options available for Australia’s Residential Solar installations.


  • All Trina solar panels are corrosion resistant
  • Excellent efficiency even in low-light conditions
  • Value-for-money price point


  • A shorter Trina Solar Panels Warranty than other premium brands


#3. Jinko Solar Panels

Similar to Trina, Jinko is also a Chinese company and is a good combination of efficiency and price.

Jinko Solar Panel Efficiency is anywhere from 17 to 20% in the Australian solar market.

Further, Jinko’s Eagle 60 (poly) and Eagle PERC 60 (mono) range of panels are some of the most installed. Not to mention, these are good low-cost options with better than average efficiency.

Jinko Solar Panels Review ranks Jinko as one of the most reputable brands for anyone wanting to save some dollars.

Like a good Tier-1 brand, the company has cared to run extreme performance testing under tough conditions. So, the panels are made to last even in harsh climates.

As a matter of fact, Jinko solar panels can withstand wind load up to 2400 Pascal and snow load up to 5400 Pascal. Moreover, the panels’ advanced glass technology allows them to perform with equal efficiency under low-light environments.

Here’s a fun fact about Jinko solar panels!

Jinko Solar has been ranked number one in GlobalData’s top ten list of solar panel manufacturers for global shipments in 2019.

Further, in spite of being a lower-cost option, Jinko has a good track record in performance. The company manufactures smart solar modules with built-in DC optimisers. This minimizes energy losses due to panel shading or soiling for optimum Jinko Solar Panel Output.


  • A great choice for those under budget
  • Severe weather resilience
  • Panels are suitable for installation in any location with corrosion resistance



  • A shorter warranty period of 10 years as compared to some premium brands
  • Lower efficiency than other panels

So, this was a comprehensive solar panels comparison of the leading brands.

Which one do you think is the better buy in LG vs Trina Solar Panels or Trina vs Jinko Solar Panels?

While Jinko and Trina are tier-1 pocket-friendly options, LG offers the assurance of a premium brand with extensive warranty support.

You must choose the PV brand after checking into all the technical specifications. Also, remember that the most efficient panels aren’t always the best value for you. The output always varies based on different parameters.

For reference, pay attention to the following factors while making solar panels comparison:

  • Always compare the panel efficiency and warranty schemes to the industry average.
  • Check power tolerance rating and any other ratings the panels may have to indicate superior quality.
  • Find out the real solar panels manufacturer and from where the panels are sourced.

Well, if you’ve been eying any of the above brands lately, then you’re in luck. These manufacturers have a widespread network of suppliers throughout Australia.

We’re always at your service to solve your immediate inquiries. Henceforth, you always make the best selection suited to your requirements and budget.


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