[su_dropcap style=”flat”]S[/su_dropcap]olar energy offers an excellent opportunity to turn to more sustainable living. Past experience shows how useful it can be for a household owner or even business establishments in terms of cutting down operating costs.

Well, the latest wave in solar technology has witnessed a growing demand for solar among apartment dwellers. Whether the reason is to be just more sustainable or to cut electricity charges, solar can increase returns for apartment owners.

Solar power also enhances the value of a property. Thus, apartments powered with Solar Panels NSW can easily fetch you a higher rent than others. Not to mention, the cuts in energy costs for both you and your tenants.

Though, the question arises, how you turn your apartment complex into a solar apartment. In this blog, we’ll detail some important considerations for a seamless transition to a solar apartment building.


Installing Solar on Apartment Building

Solar for Apartments has become a common practice for new project developments.

However, an existing building can also make the switch. In fact, today, most apartment owners can harness the power of the Sun through a better understanding of certain factors.

The first thing you need, though, is a carefully planned out solar apartment plan. Technically, there are multiple ways to power your apartment with solar depending on which option suits you.

Plus, a new installation of Solar System NSW further needs you to evaluate your building structure and its suitability for solar.

Here’s how apartment dwellers can take advantage of solar energy.

#1. Apartment Building Structure

Before installing a solar panel on your building, you must consider the structural design of the apartment complex.

Things, such as external walls and roofs greatly impact the solar panels mounting. Some roofs may even need special equipment to install the panels, which could increase costs.

Furthermore, whether you live in a high rise or low rise apartment also determines if solar is a good fit. In any case, solar installers must have a way to access high rise roofs and get their equipment to the top.

  • If your roof has a waterproofing membrane, discuss it beforehand with your installer and determine the risks involved.
  • Contact a structural engineer to ascertain the strength of walls and roofs for panels, if the need arises.
  • Discuss the right solar panel mounting system suited to your apartment building structure with the installers.


#2. Consider Virtual Net Metering System

Virtual Net Metering offers a great way to harness solar energy without the hassle of ever installing solar panels on your roof. Virtual Net Metering (VNM) is by and large a crediting system that comes under the purview of community solar.

It is when the solar system is not installed on site. Rather, it is installed externally and is shared by multiple members. Technically, it eliminates the need to physically connect the system to the tenant’s meter.

The billing system works by crediting you for the extra energy generated by your share of the solar panel array. With such a system in place, it becomes easier to use Solar for Your Apartment without even installing a system.

Plus, you’re not only reducing your own energy bills but also exporting renewable energy to the grid. Generating energy on the consumption site could potentially also lower the strain on distribution lines.


#3. Solar Apartment Planning Permits

You must determine if there is any need to procure planning permits prior to installing panels in your apartment complex.

Permits are usually needed for buildings of heritage significance.  So, you may not need one to install a PV system in your building. However, it is better to get acquainted with your local city council’s rules and regulations about it.

You do not have to do it entirely on your own, though. Your local solar installer can help you assess the requirements for installation of an Apartment Solar System.

[su_highlight background=”#fbd232″]Moreover, local installers often keep abreast of the amendments made to the provisions.[/su_highlight]

Nonetheless, it’s important to verify the need for permits and secure them on time. Factoring in the permit requirements in your solar apartment plan is also a good move for a streamlined installation.

Well, besides installing a Solar System NSW, there are other ways as well to go solar in an apartment.


Start with Small Changes

There can be cases when you’ll not have access or the liberty to invest in Solar Panels for an Apartment. However, you’ll still want to use solar energy and save on electricity bills, right?

The good news is you’ve different options to choose from based on your budget. For instance, start with charging your small devices with solar.

Some smaller devices we use on a daily basis like mobile phones and tablets could be the perfect place to start with. While they don’t have big batteries, you can still save a considerable amount of energy over time.

What you need to do is just buy a solar charger and connect it to your devices. That’s it! After this set up, you’re not using any grid energy to charge these daily use appliances.

On the other hand, think about investing in a solar panel kit to power more than just small devices. Solar panel kits also give you the freedom to take your panels with you to another home as well.

Plus, a portable solar power kit allows you to use solar power as and when you please. Thus, this flexibility makes it a good investment for apartment dwellers who may not have access to a solar apartment.

[su_highlight background=”#fbd232″]Solar panel kits are available in different types and sizes. Assess your budget and space availability and choose accordingly.[/su_highlight]


Going Solar Is Within Reach

Getting the most out of the use of renewable energy is not an insurmountable task given the options available today. Whether you want to lead a more greener lifestyle or save your hard-earned money, there are solutions for you.

Also, once you’ve decided on installing solar panels on your building, don’t forget to hire a company that takes the time to understand your requirements.

Call in the Best Solar Panel Installer NSW Solar Beam!!

Consider us for your small to big solar system installations. We will assist you through each step of the process with a guarantee of instant local Australian support and services.

Experts at Solar Beam will help you figure out the Best Solar Panels for Apartments. Moreover, we assure you of top-notch system efficiency and design for your building installations.

Our Tier-1 solar package deals are the best fit for people looking for the perfect balance between affordability and quality. Plus, we have CEC certified installers to help you sort through your questions regarding solar if you’re completely new to the concept.

Currently, we’re running amazing deals on the best-selling solar products across Australia. Our range of quality panels, inverters, and batteries are directly sourced from the top-rated manufacturers.

Furthermore, Solar Beam warranty offers comply to the best industry standards with:

  • 25-30 years of performance warranty
  • 10 years product warranty on selected inverters
  • 10-12 years manufacturer’s warranty on PV panels
  • 1 year workmanship warranty

With our extensive experience spanning residential and commercial solar installations, we’ll help you discover the long-term returns from solar.


Reach us to talk to our representatives and understand more about the financial incentives and gains available to you!


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