[su_dropcap style=”flat”]A[/su_dropcap]re you ready to cut a huge part out of your daily energy expenses? A 10kW Solar System NSW may be just what you need.

Solar has dramatically shifted the prospects of energy generation within Australia. As a permanent and never-ending source of energy, it’s a steady solution to eliminate the use of fossil fuels.

So, if you’re willing to protect your wallet while saving the biodiversity of the Planet, solar is for you. However, people usually prefer to get a solar system that matches their aspirations on a financial level.

And, in fact, the more power a system generates, the less you depend on utilities in your area and the more you save financially. Meeting these criteria and more, a 10kW Solar Energy System is at the forefront of the solar bandwagon.

In today’s blog, we’ll explore why the demand for this system size has been increasing each day among Australians.

Let’s start with the basics.


10kW Solar System Explained

10kw solar system NSW

A trend that’s commonly seen across Australia is the affinity to go for bigger sized Solar System NSW. As a result, a 10kW Solar System NSW ranks in among the top-selling system sizes.

Those who invest up front in a 10kW system cite reasons, such as high cost benefit ratio and better incentives.

Now, coming to the basics of a 10kW Solar System Size, the installation is quite favorable for large households and small business premises.

The installation costs have also plummeted as compared to when solar was new in the country. Further, with an impressive payback period, the system stands to pay itself back within 3 years. This amounts to an amazing annual rate of return apart from the rebates you get on installation.

As for the energy generation, the system size offers enough to cover the cost of running high consumption appliances. So, households with high power consumption patterns should definitely consider going for a 10kW system size.

On the other hand, businesses aiming for solar savings can also switch to a 10kW. However, the total energy output will always depend on the geographical location and the time of the year.

Paying extra attention to the tilt of the 10kW Solar Panels at the time of installations is also important.


How Many Solar Panels and Roof Space Do You Need for a 10kW Solar System?

10kw solar system NSW

A 10kW solar system usually has anywhere from 30 to 40 solar panels. This number will also depend on the exact panel efficiency. For instance, a 275W panels module may require you to install up to 36 panels.

Those with smaller roofs benefit from going for a higher wattage module as that lowers the number of panels you need. Going from just 275W to 300W panels brings the number of panels down to 34.

Henceforth, it’s likely a good call to go for higher efficiency if you don’t have much space on your roof.

Though, it’s undeniable that you’ll need a considerable amount of space for a 10kW Solar System Installation. Roughly, this could lie between 64 to 66 square meters

That’s not to say, though, that you can’t install a 10kW Solar System NSW if you’ve a smaller roof. You always have the option to invest in a solar panel carport.

These installations are also beneficial for people with shading issues on their roof. However, that needs some extra investment in its construction and that’s something to keep in mind.

On the flip side, a solar panel carport is a great way to harness energy for electric cars and lawn equipment.


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How Much Does a 10kW Solar System Generate?

Energy generation of Solar Panels NSW is a highly variable factor. The output may vary each day depending on the sun exposure to the panels. However, we can have a rough idea based on past records.

Under perfect conditions, you can actually expect a 10kw Solar System Output Per Day to be up to 46kWh. That equals 16000 to 17000 kWhs of energy per year. Now, consider that ideal conditions are not always met and this can vary.

The variables that could affect power generation capacity may include:

  • Cloud cover during any particular time of the day
  • Solar panel array orientation
  • Quality of the solar parts
  • Excessive heating and solar panel temperature coefficient rating

Well, a 10kW Solar System NSW produces anywhere from 29-46kWh based on geographical conditions.

Installing 10kW Solar Systems from Tier-1 brands with positive power tolerance can help. Not to mention, you can also use a battery system to store the energy that you generate during peak sunlight hours.

Furthermore, energy output can also vary from state to state within Australia. For these reasons, most solar users will have to assess energy production specific to their location.

If you need more assistance, use an online solar calculator to determine output in your particular case. Though, nothing can replace the assistance of a professional solar installer.


Do I Need a 10kW Solar System and What Can Be the Benefits?

You don’t have to choose a particular system installation until and unless it meets your energy consumption and financial parameters.

For instance, homes with dishwashers, dryers, and heaters may find investing in a 10kW justifiable. Whereas, a homeowner with basic energy needs may feel a smaller solar installation will suffice.

Nonetheless, a 10kW Solar System definitely presents a golden opportunity to harvest the most energy while saving the most. The benefits of a high-quality 10kW Solar System for Home can pay off for years down the line.

Further, businessmen can cut overhead costs right away from the very first day of using a 10kW Solar System NSW.

Here, we’ve outlined some of the benefits of installing a 10kW Solar System:

#1. Increase in Property Value – If you plan to sell your home, a 10kW Solar System installation can actually fetch you a better market value.

#2. Solar Incentives – A 10kW Solar System qualifies for amazing solar rebates run by the government. The bigger the system size, the better the savings.

#3. Short Payback Period and High ROIs – A 10kW system generates good electric charge per day. As a result, it offers huge cuts in energy costs and pays itself back quickly.

#4. Freedom to Run High Consumption Appliances During the Day – This system size offers enough to run big appliances on solar.

#5. Extra Energy Can Be Transferred to Earn Credits – A 10kW produces more than you can use on most days. Thus, you can choose to export extra power to the grid to earn credits through net metering.


How Much Does a 10kW Solar System Cost in Australia?

10kw solar system NSW


The 10kW Solar System Cost could vary from state to state in Australia based on the market conditions. Though, the cost of installing a 10kW Solar System NSW could range anywhere from $0.60 to $0.91 per watt on the higher end.

This has considerably lowered down as compared to the time when solar was just taking roots. In fact, before 2008, solar costs were as high as $15 to $20 per watt. Due to these high rates, not many people were able to adopt the use of solar.

Nevertheless, things changed as the government introduced new measures to encourage people towards solar energy.

The most useful has been the STC scheme that allows people to cut back a major portion of installation cost. Further, Australia has seen a dramatic increase in the installation of 10kW Residential Solar System within the last 5 years.

Apart from federal rebates, two factors that have also affected a 10kW Solar System Price are:

  • Increase in manufacturing due to the ability to automate processes has decreased per watt cost of solar
  • Highly competitive solar market within Australia

However, the STC rebates are reducing each year and are likely to phase out by 2030. Thus, it may have some effect on the Cost of 10kW Solar System in Australia in the future. So, the best time to go solar is probably now.

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Ways to Save Money with a 10kW Solar System NSW

The savings from a 10kW Solar System will, first and foremost, depend on the state you live in. Moreover, the amount you already pay for electricity bills and the solar energy you’re able to generate will also factor in.

[su_highlight background=”#fbd232″]Roughly, though, you can expect to save around 22-30 cents per kWh on installing a 10kW Solar System NSW. This amounts to savings of up to $2800 on quarterly bills.[/su_highlight]

Furthermore, you can be eligible for a number of government incentives and financial rebates driving the costs down for you.

Some of the incentives for installing a 10kW Solar System include:

#1. Federal government offers STCs (Small Scale Technology Certificates) to homeowners and small business owners

  • These are available on systems less than 100kW in size with approved PV panels.
  • The value will depend on your location, energy generated by the solar system, and installation date.
  • Redeem the certificates through the STC clearing house or open market.
  • A solar installer can help you sell them to offset the Solar Installation Cost.


#2. Feed-in-tariffs for the energy exported to the grid

  • You’ll receive credits for the amount of energy supplied to the utility grid from your solar system
  • The amount of money is calculated in kWh and is set by the state government


#3. Next Generation Energy Storage Grants

  • A discount is available on the installation of a battery storage with a rooftop solar system
  • Value varies with the system size
  • Grant is available for both homes and businesses

So, have you been considering installing a 10kW System size?

Finding a Good Installer for a 10kW Solar System NSW Is Not That Hard

When finding the Best Solar Panel Installer NSW, one thing to keep in mind is to go for local installers. A local installer is often dedicated to your project and invests time to understand your requirements.

You can also ask around your relatives and neighbors for good recommendations. Plus, there are sources available online to refer to in order to find credible reviews on local solar installers.

The most important aspect, though, is to hire an experienced and CEC certified installer.



Solar Beam Offers Complete Solar Service Package!!

Our solar services within Australia are customized to meet your technical and financial expectations. We take care of everything from installations to long-term maintenance plans.

Solar Beam also has CEC accredited installers to always offer the best quality you can get locally. Moreover, we source the best solar equipment and products directly from Tier-1 solar manufacturers.

We deal in solar panels sourced from LG, Jinko, German, Trina, Seraphim, and Canadian. Henceforth, your investment with us always assures you of the best quality and services in NSW.

Our 10kW Solar System NSW Package includes:

  • A fully installed system with upgradable inverter from $7,740
  • Highly efficient 34 x 300 Watt panels with branded 10kW inverter
  • 25-30 years of performance warranty
  • Manufacturer’s warranty on PV panels ranging from 10-12 years
  • 10 years warranty on selected inverters
  • Guarantee of local Australian support whenever the need arises
  • Instant service and support within 48 hours
  • 1 year workmanship warranty
  • Installation within 2 weeks

We have experts to assist you with any of your queries, which you are likely to have as a new solar consumer.


Reach us to talk to our representatives and understand more about the financial incentives and gains available to you!


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