[su_dropcap style=”flat”]R[/su_dropcap]enewable energy is the demand of the current world with the climate crisis. In this scenario, solar power solutions has emerged as an attractive opportunity to get the most from.

In fact, investing in solar is extensively beneficial even in the absence of a feed-in tariff incentive by state and local governments. Where solar panels cost has been gradually going down and grid electricity price going up and up.

Investment in solar systems appears to be a cost-effective option for owning rooftop ‘power plants’ for NSW homes and businesses.

But is that enough?

Here in this blog we’re going to know the benefits of solar power solution and how you can take most of it.


Top Benefits of Solar Power Solutions

Obviously, the primary reason of the extensive popularity of Solar Power Solutions for homes and businesses is the SAVING. Not only do you save over your power bills monthly, but there are other monetary gains too.

With the closure of the NSW Solar Bonus Scheme to new applicants, there are other ways to get benefits.

One of the prominent ways is to consume as much of the energy generated by your Solar System NSW. Often, it’s known as Solar Self consumption.

Through this strategy, solar owners lessen the dependence on grid electricity. Henceforth, reducing the bills. Other way to save, is by sending the surplus solar energy back to the grid, instead of which you get STC’s.

Using this over your energy bills can again add to your monetary gains. Besides, let’s take a look to the other advantages coming with Solar Power Solutions.

#1: Federal Discount For Solar PV System Installation In NSW

Currently, Renewable Energy Target (RET) is the main program for providing subsidy for small-scale rooftop solar in Australia.

Well, this program can available significant subsidize over the installation of solar panels NSW of capacity up to 100kW.

However, the exact federal discounts vary with several factors. This includes

  • Location of the solar system (sunnier location gets greater discounts)
  • The market cost of commercial certificates (STCs small-scale or technology certificates) establishing subsidizes.

Typically, in NSW the discount range up to 30% off over the cost of solar system installation. Considering this, a discount of over 5kW Solar system is around $3500 and for the 3kW solar system $2100.

Moreover, This subsidy directly assimilated with the upfront cost of your solar system. Usually, the solar panel cost itemizes on the quote and contract by the installer.


#2: Impressive Return On Investment (ROI) For Solar Power In NSW

In NSW, presently with the absence of government-backed solar feed-in-tariff, you don’t have a direct advantage. However, a solar panel NSW can still save its owner by reducing the purchase of grid energy.

Besides, getting additional credits with surplus solar power sent back to the grid can offer significant rebate over energy bills. All in all, investing in solar power is beneficial.

Moreover, benefits are higher for home and business with the greater energy consumption during daylight hours. This will obviously get you a greater return over solar power investment.


#3: Solar Power Is a Low-Maintenance Investment

Solar system installation over rooftop lesser movement. Eventually, this requires pretty low maintenance or external inputs after solar panels installation.


Other Benefits of Solar Power Solutions

Besides, the irrefutable solar power benefits for NSW homes and business. Moreover, There are several typical perks owners receive in general.

Here’s a list…

#1: Unprecedented Appearance Advantage

Installation of solar system gets your property an unprecedented advantage in terms of external look. With solar at your rooftop, your homes and properties have a regal touch that no other investment is likely to adorn.

#2: Exceptional Exponential Savings

Well, the savings over electricity bills and surplus energy are not linear. In fact, the increases in the cost of grid electricity are exponential. Eventually, what you saving with solar in respect of grid power is exponential.

#3: Additional Property Value

Not only solar adds to the look of your property but it adds to the entire value of your owned land assets.

In fact, in several surveys, the outcomes have shown property with solar have higher selling prices than one without it. Also, people prefer such homes and businesses.

#4: Reducing Carbon Footprint

Every home and business dependent on conservational energy has a significantly higher carbon footprint. However, switch to solar reduces your carbon excretion to zero. The clean energy source has a zero carbon footprint.

#5: Customer Appeal

Going green isn’t just an advantage for the world in need. In fact, it can significantly improve your business impression and reach. Actually, people prefer business having a greener outlook on business and pay toward nature.

#6: Paying To National And Climate Interest

The Australian government and specifically NSW administration runs offer to depend entirely on clean energy.

When you opt for solar, you simply fulfill your part in this national revolution. With a small step taken from your side, won’t only help nature but would slightly complement the national target.

#7: Energy Independence

Dependence over grid energy makes things miserable in situations of power outrage. However, with the best solar panels installed over your rooftop, you own a mini power-plant.

Hence, reliance over grid electricity diminished gradually. In fact, by equipping a battery with the system, further use of surplus power is possible.

#8: ROI Is Lesser

With one time investment over solar, the return over investment over solar is unprecedented. In fact, with savings over energy bills monthly, surplus energy can further return to get a rebate.

Further, while installing solar, there are several incentive programs to get most of. All in all, ROI becomes lesser and lesser overtime.

#9: Deprive Of Increasing Grid Electricity

With extensive dependence over grid energy, the conservational energy is on the very of extension. This is what gives gradual rise to gird electricity cost.

However, going solar would save you from a steep rise in the cost of regular electricity.


Grab High Efficient Solar System At Unbeatable Price 


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Get The Right Solar System Size For Your Homes & Business

Selecting the right solar system size can fulfill the requirement of your daytime electricity demand.

Since, surplus energy return to grid helping to earn small credit over your bill, savings are amazing.

Consequently, keeping these facts in mind, going for larger solar system size is better always. Before installation of solar system understanding, energy requirements is a must.

By using previous energy bills, getting an estimated idea of energy consumption is possible. On the basis of it, you can select the best system size for your homes and business.

Though the most popular options are:







5kW Solar System

Small Business 17 22-24kW $4300*

6.6kW Solar System

Average Family to Small Business 24 26-29kW


10kW Solar System


Large family to the Average Business 34 29- 46KW



[su_note]NOTE: The daily energy production can vary with daily weather.[/su_note]

After getting a slight idea of your daily energy requirement, select the solar system fitting the electricity demand.

While installing the system make sure it has only tier 1 panel and branded equipment ensuring maximum energy production.


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Looking For The Best Solar Power Solutions In NSW?

Going solar is extensively profitable, especially after installing an excellent high efficient system. Such brilliance in electricity generation through a solar system can only be deduced by a Best Solar Panel Installer NSW.

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Here is What We Offer:

  • Standard residential and commercial solar system installations
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  • Unbeatable pricing and solar offers in Australia
  • CEC accredited electricians for installations meeting industry’s best standards
  • 1-year workmanship warranty available on installations

Moreover, whether a small project or a larger one, our commitment lies in maintaining the same quality and efficiency.


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