Get A Detail Analysis To the Know the Estimated Cost Of Solar Panels!

[su_dropcap style=”flat”]C[/su_dropcap]omparing to the time, when solar was first introduced in the market, the solar panels cost have decreased drastically. Obviously, with the improving technology and world-class specification, we can expect a more cost-effective option in the upcoming years.

After 2010 there has been an outburst in the solar industry, it’s booming day by day. The credit can be given largely to the significant decrease Solar Panels Cost to install.

In the last couple of years, the Average Cost of Solar Panels NSW has reduced faster and beyond expectations. Well, the major credit can be given to the Chinese government giving huge subsidies to the solar company resulting in affordable and quality equipment.

Simply, the increasing affordability of solar has resulted in the highest number of solar panels installation in Australia. Here, in this blog we will explore every facet of Solar Panels Cost.


The Price of Solar Panels In 2020

solar panels cost

Going solar is the best decision you can ever take!

But do you know there are several factors affecting solar power cost. So, here we’re sharing those additional factors so you receive the most exact estimate for your project.

#1: Mounting System

The Mounting system plays a crucial role, it connects the solar system to your roof physical. Evidently, it’s prone to environmental stresses like gale, hail, and snow for more than the next 25 years and more.

Hence, it’s necessary to invest in a high standard, corrosion-resistant, and quality mounting system. Simply, this ensures the durability of the solar PV system.

#2: Balance of System

Often mentioned as the Balance of System (BOS), the Solar Panels Cost Au includes lots of other electrical components. This comprises cables, breakers, switches, wires, isolators, and of course an inverter.

Inverter is the heart of the solar system, it converts the DC electricity output into usable AC electricity. Of course, being the utmost important part of the system, a high-quality solar inverter price often goes to 50% of the total cost.

Further, the additional cost of high resistant BOS components makes sure Solar System NSW operates safely and effectively.

#3: Installation

It’s vital to install your solar system by a qualified and accredited Best solar panel installer NSW. Doing so, you can avail of the panel warranties and also become eligible to different government redemption over solar panels cost.

Actually, you can receive STCs, only if your solar system installation process is done by a CEC approved company. You can contact Solar Beam for a top-notch quality solar installation at unbeatable rates.

Paying for qualified solar installer doesn’t only ensure maximum performance and output, but safety too.

There are some additional factors responsible for solar panels cost.

  • Labor Costs

Solar system installation involves lots of heavy equipment requiring loading and reloading. So, you would have to pay extra labor costs for that purpose. Hence, the labor cost would defer depending on your location and area.

  • Other Costs

There are several other costs involved in the solar installation which includes inspection fees, any local permit fees, and taxes on the solar panels.

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Why Does Price Vary Between Solar Panels?

solar power cost


Well, the difference in brand, quality, efficiency, and output can largely affect the solar panel cost.

Depending on solar system size, it offers an optimum solar power output suitable for specific energy needs. While choosing your solar system, you need to see your energy requirement and then decide an appropriate size.

Based on size, here’s the best solar system packages available for your home and business.


3kW Solar System


$3,000 to $5,600
Number of panels

9-12(varies with capacity of panels)

Electricity generated per day

13 units


5kW Solar System


$3,000 to $9,000

Number of panels

14-20 (varies with capacity of panels)

Electricity generated per day

22-24 units


6.6kW Solar System


$2599 (special offer)

Number of panels

24-26 (varies with capacity of panels)

Electricity generated per day

25 -26 units


10kW Solar System


$5,000 to $8,000

Number of panels

31-40 (varies with capacity of panels)

Electricity generated per day

29 – 46 kWh


Usually, the variations in solar system prices depend on the panels’ quality and inverter you chose.

[su_note] NOTE: The cost mentioned above considers the usages of high efficient panels. Simply, the panels with the least price won’t be of subpar quality.[/su_note]

Well, both types of panels would have similar wattage ratings. However, the quality and the more expensive are best in many aspects. In fact, they include labor and transportation cost in their warranties, have low degradation rates, uses high-quality components, and also perform efficiently in the shaded area.


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Why Do Solar Panel Prices Differ From State to State?

The federal government has designed a policy known as Renewable Energy Target.

By the mean of this, the government has targeted to achieve at least 33,000GWh of Australia’s energy supply from renewable sources by 2020. Further, the policy splits into two parts, the Renewable Energy Target comprises both the LRET (Large-scale Renewable Energy Target) and the SRES (Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme).

Now, the LRET generates LGCs, while the SRES generates STCs. Based on these two certificates, the government provides incentives to the home and business owners to encourage renewable energy installation.

Fundamentally, both certificate pays the same function. STCs are for small-scale renewable power installations lower than 100kW. On the other hand, LGCs are for large-scale renewable power installations beyond 100kW.

Solar System owner obtains 1 STC for every MWh (megawatt hour) of energy the system produces until 2031. These are commercial and are sold/purchased in the open market, so value might fluctuate. Currently, its price revolves around $37.


To calculate the STCs you would receive, use the following formula:

System Size in kW x Zone Rating x Years until 2031 = Number of STCs[/su_note]


Different regions of Australia have unique Zone Ratings based on the mean solar irradiance in that part.


Rating Cities


1.622 Darwin, Rock Hampton, Townsville


1.536 Alice Springs



Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Perth, Sydney

4 1.185

Hobart, Melbourne


Using the above-mentioned formula and detail, we have calculated the STCs for a 5kW Solar System installed in 2018. Well, the discount would be around:











[su_note]  NOTE: The discount would vary depending on the variation in government policy.[/su_note]

Are Solar Panels a Good Investment?

solar panels cost


Solar energy is the best long-term investment to go for.

Australia gets appropriate sunlight to fulfill the energy requirement of the country. As sunlight is free, as a homeowner you need to only bear the expenses for the system and installation. Simply, receive renewable energy is easy and you can’t ignore its environment-friendly touch.

With zero greenhouse gas emissions factor and decimating conservational energy, Solar is the need of the world.

Investing in solar whether for residential or commercial purposes, brings our wide range of benefits.

Some of the prominent advantages include.

  • It’s ecofriendly. Installing solar system can generate clean, renewable energy for your home and develop a positive impact on the environment.
  • Save big from your energy bills
  • Becoming highly affordable
  • Lessen the dependence on grid energy


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Important Ways to Decrease Solar Panel Installation Costssolar panels cost

There are some ways you can use to save big on Solar Panels Cost.

Well, you can get the best deal without comprising the quality and efficiency of the system of panels.

Read out the below methods to save big and to get the deal!

#1: Shop Around to Get the Best Deal

One of the best ways to reduce the overall cost is by shopping around and getting estimates from several companies. In fact, in 2017 National Renewable Energy Lab conducted studies found, smaller local installers charge 10% less than the nation solar installer. All thanks to less marketing and customer attainment costs.

Solar Beam understands the budget of its client and offers a highly efficient system at money-saving discounts.

#2: Pay in Cash

If possible pay the Solar Panels Cost in cash. In fact, doing so will help you save thousands of dollars over leasing fees, interest, and all the other expenses required.So, if you have the money then going cash is best to save huge bucks.

You would be saving a good amount in the long run. Most importantly, you would be happy to see the reduced solar panels cost.

#3: Take Benefits of All Incentive Programs, Solar Tax Credits, and Rebates

As stated above, Solar Tax Credit and rebates are the best way to reduce your solar cost. Also, you can talk to a professional company to find out any local policy that can further deduct the overall estimation. Simply, taking advantage of all the incentives available, you would have tremendous savings.

However, many incentive programs are limited and many have expired already. So, the best way to avail these offers is to contact a professional installer.

Indeed, you need to check if the government is providing any special rebates or tax incentives.


How Much Solar Panels Installation Will Cost for YOUR Home?

Well, the best-suggested way to calculate Solar Panels Cost and how much you can save on your energy bill is by getting a free estimation from a professional solar installer company.

Grab the best deal from Australia’s #1 Solar Installer NSW—Solar Beam!

We supply branded solar equipment from reputable manufacturers, to ensure the highest quality and efficiency. With over 1000’s of solar panels installation, we acquired superb precision to meet the need of our clients.

Also, we believe in advancement and upgrading, so we keep with the most innovative technique of the industry. Obviously, this let’s provide high performing and stunning quality solar panels.

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With years of experience, we provide the best solar panels for residential purposes and commercial spaces.

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