Recently, Greta Thunberg, the teenage climate activist, voyage across Atlantic on a zero-emission boat enabled by solar power and underwater turbines inspire millions around the world.

Well, Greta’s huge zest for a sustainable lifestyle is an inspo for million. Obviously, letting us introspect—how we as individuals can reduce our carbon footprint?

One of the best ways to move toward eco-friendly zone is by switching to clean energy.

Installing PV Solar System at your commercial and residential space can reduce your carbon footprint.

Actually, it doesn’t only sounds well from the perspective of ecology, but it also lowers your monthly electricity bills.

Solar Energy Is the Requirement of Today’s World in the Climate Crisis!

Here, we’re sharing a complete guide to help you out in selecting the right solar system size for your household.

Take A Step Toward Nature With Solar Beam!

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Is This Year Your Turn, To Go Solar?

Solar System Size

Well, that’s a very probable question popping up in anyone’s mind who is thinking to go solar.

However, there’s a common rule to answer it, if you have a three-monthly bill of at least $400, Solar Energy is good to go. For an Australian homeowner, opting solar is a complete win-win situation. Here’s how mounting solar on your rooftop is beneficial for you.

#1: Lessen Your Energy Bill

No investment is worth till it doesn’t do any good to your pocket. Well, the fact stands tall with solar energy too. Actually, the primary reason for solar getting popular is the exceptional saving you can expect on your energy bill.

Your Solar System cut off your dependency over grid energy. Hence, your energy bill reduces randomly, also over time it has seen to be zero to some users. Doesn’t that sound great?

#2: Feed-in-Tariff (FiT)

When you haven’t assembled battery the excess energy produced is fed out to the grid. Well, in reverse, you receive feed-in tariff credit on your energy bill from your supplier.

Moreover, the FiT rate fluctuates from Approx 8 cents up to 16 cents per kWh differing with location and respective retailers’ terms. Simply, this stunning feature has helped our several clients to pay zero bills.

#3: Solar Installation Rebate

Solar energy is the hope of the world! Of course, there’s no doubt about this world. This is why the federal government seems to go out of the shoe to promote the clean energy system.

So, when you install a Solar System NSW, you earn specific STC’s (small-scale technology certificates). Based on which, you receive rebate over your solar installation which is around 30% of the entire cost.

#4: Sizing Up A Solar System

Deciding the accurate solar size for your home is a tough task in the hand of a naïve! At Solar Beam, your expert first make analysis for your energy consumption.

On the basis of which, we evaluate your power pattern to suggest you the best solar system in NSW. Also, considering your requirement with solar energy is necessary to tell the exact solar capacity suitable for you. so, for better information, it would be best to contact us now.

#5: Maximize the Solar Potential of Your Roof

The total power generation through solar is critical to the size of your solar system assembly. In the last year, the most popular solar choice round the table were 6.6kW Solar System and 10kW Solar System.

Surprisingly, the popularity of solar energy has doubled over the year. The reason behind it can be explored as a feed-in tariff, rebate by government and consistently reducing rate with the advancement to technology.

#6: Independency Over Grid Energy

Having solar installed at your rooftop is not fascinating from the perspective of finance, there is lots of stuff yet to be revealed. Relying on renewable energy reduces your carbon footprint as solar energy has the least apart from saving huge of your bill. Also, it makes you energy independent, but to fulfill this purpose you have to install a battery to your system. You can store generated energy and reuse it at night.

When it’s about solar, the bigger you go for the better energy generation will be! Simply you would be saving more and more. Also, don’t forget the rebate, you will get maximum of it.


Grab High Efficient Solar System At Unbeatable Price 


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Best Solar System To Go For!

Solar System Size is a hard-hitting question to answer. Particularly, when you aren’t even aware of the options available before you. So, here we’ve shared the best best solar panels which is popular over the years.

#1: 5kW Solar System

One of the most popular choices among our clients looking for small households, the system supplies adequate energy. Well, it’s the perfect option for a small family of two to three-person.

5kW Solar System Features

  • Generates approx. 20kWh per day
  • Perfect for small household
  • Require around 25-35 m2 of roof space
  • Ensemble 15 -20 Solar Panels


#2: 6.6kW Solar System

Have a larger residential space or your energy requirement is a bit higher than the later?

Well, in such a scenario going for 6.6Kw Solar System NSW is a wise choice. In recent years, the solar system has gained huge popularity in the industry. Actually, having an average size and stunning power generation it just fit the requirement of everyone.

6.6kW Solar System Features

  • Best For Small Scale Commercial To Large Residential Space
  • Comprises 24  Solar Panels
  • Produce around 24kW of energy daily
  • Pay off in 3 to 5 years


#3: 10kW Solar System

Large household to medium scale commercial space, it serves the energy requirement of all. Well, being one of the heaviest solar system, it has an exceptional energy production.

Moreover, that’s one of the major reasons making it a popular choice among our clients.

10kW Solar System Features

  • Best For Large Residential To Medium Scale Commercial Space
  • Encompasses around 40 10kw Solar Panels
  • Produces around 29 – 46 kWh electricity daily
  • Easy to install


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Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

Going solar fills you up with a tremendous number of questions.  Most of the queries among clients are quite common. In this section, we’ve answered some of questions you were looking for. Have a look!

#1: How Many Solar Panels Are Needed To Power an Average House?

Well, it’s the most probable question popping up in your mind. For this purpose, our expert first analysis your energy consumption pattern by assessing your past utility bills. So, to calculate the number of panels required we use a simple formula.

Number of panels= (Hourly Energy Requirement * Peak Sunlight Hours for Your Area)/ Panel’s Wattage


#2: What’s Your Current Energy Consumption?

This is one of the critical questions inquired as to suggest the best solar system for your residential or commercial space. Actually, some of the retailer mentions the average energy consumed in your bill. However, in case if it’s not there, you can evaluate your daily energy consumption by dividing the yearly bill by 365. After which we can move forward with the project.


#3: What’s The Peak Sunlight Hour in Your Local?

Evidently, the peak sunlight hours in your location have a direct impact on the energy generation of your Solar System. The maximum the peak sunlight hour the more power would be produced.

However, the energy production can be managed by increasing the solar system size for specific energy required. For detailed information, we would suggest you call our representatives. Obviously, we’ve adept knowledge of geographical features of Australia’s boosting us to get you the best Solar system indeed.


​#4: What Affects Solar Panel Output Efficiency?

When it’s about Solar System Efficiency, several factors seem to affect the total output of the system.

  • Quality of Panels (always go for brand Tier 1 manufacturer)
  • Quality of Inverter and other solar equipment ( choose quality over quantity)
  • Weather condition of the specific day ( in rainy and gusty day, energy production is likely to be less)
  • Installation ( always go for accredited Solar Installer)

And a lot more!


#5: What Size Solar System Do I Need?

Well, with a small or unusual shaped roof space, it is quite important to consider solar panels size and number.

Obviously, with larger roof space, you have the feasibility to go for larger solar panels size with lower efficiency.

However, with a limited roof area, you need to go for fewer panels but of the highest efficiency possible. This makes sure you get target energy production in budget.

Quality Solar System At Unbeatable Rates


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Go Solar With the Best Solar Partner!

Reducing power bills and meeting the need for zero carbon emission are in everyone’s wish list in recent days.

With so many solar options at affordable pricing and quality, it’s good to go with. However, only thinking eco isn’t only critical, you need to go with a company making sure resilient eco-friendly installation.

Solar Beam, the top-notch Solar Installer in NSW, understands the outlook of today’s generation toward nature. We ensure our clients with super energy saving system with the green touch. Our team focuses on getting a smart system enabling maximum energy production along with aiding nature.

What makes Solar Beam Australia’s #1 Solar Installer?

  • Quality And Branded Solar Modules
  • Accredited Solar Installer
  • Various Option Fitting Your Need
  • Customer-Friendly Service
  • Exceptional Support

And a lot more.

We focus on reducing your carbon footprint by enabling you a system with maximum energy generation. To get such exception solar system , contact our representative to further discuss what size installation best suits your budget and energy needs.

Call Us Right Away For An Impeccable Solar Solutions & Solar Power Systems Prices!!


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