As far as being Australia’s more eco-friendly nation worldwide, NSW has the utmost possibilities. Not only, NSW is the best place for mini solar gird but a residential and commercial solar system in the region is getting popular. Of course, it’s because of the advantageous geographical feature of the region.

Besides nature-given possibilities, the federal government is promoting solar energy by providing rebates. This is also making solar energy a new craze for the locals. Well, the renewable energy source isn’t just eco-friendly but reduces your power bill.

However, installing a solar system is quite a tough task for those who are less tech aware. So, here we are sharing a comprehensive guide that will help you to ensure the right solar system size according to your requirements.

How To Install Solar Panel In 6 Easy Steps?

With the rising electricity prices and global warming outstripping the prediction of scientists, it’s the most suitable time to join the solar revolution. For instance, it might seem very technical and confusing.

Hiring a professional solar panel installer company will make your solar installation quicker and effortless. Solar System installation begins with its configuration plan, accessing rebates, and connecting your assembly to the grid.

Solar Beam” is one of the leading solar panel installer company for commercial and residential solar power in Australia and have access to a range of competitive financing options you require.

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Let’s check out the major steps required for installing your Solar System NSW.

#1: Doing Your Research

Before you hire any solar system installer for your NSW Company or property, it’s required to do your research first. Of course, the solar company would have better knowledge about the industry, but having information on your own will help you understand things better and get into it.

For instance: The off-grid solar systems are best for properties located in rural areas. However, most Australian home connects their solar system to the grid. Moreover, you need to have a basic idea of the size and configuration of panels and systems. 5kW Solar System to 10kW solar systems are thought of as the perfect option for Australian homes and businesses based on their energy requirements.

#2: Hiring a Reliable Solar Power Company

Hiring a solar company is one of the crucial steps for installing your solar at your properties. Well, this is going to have a huge impact on the quality, durability and customer service experience. Hence, hiring a reliable and customer-friendly company is necessary.

Simply, solar system installation demands an extensively professional approach, that’s why Solar Beam is Australia’s #1 Best Solar Panel Installer NSW. We provide you with quality panels and configure a durable integrated system that meets your energy requirements.

Moreover, our smooth customer-friendly approach is the best. We utilize Tier 1 solar panels manufactured by leading companies that suit our professional solar panel installation.

#3: Engineering Inspection

The first thing to get started with a solar system is an inspection. Without having proper knowledge of the related geographical feature of the area where the panel needs to be installed, no company will go forward. Firstly, an engineer will visit the required location to execute the inspection. Well, this evaluation includes the examination of energy consumption of your home, condition of your roof or outdoor installing area.

As the leading solar installer NSW, we provide our clients with high performing and safe solar production. Moreover, Logistical documentation needs to be done earlier for system installation to meet the local council criteria & regulations.

#4: Permits and Rebates

The step is quite necessary if you want to make your investment as reasonable as possible. Well, you need to access all the essential and relevant incentives offered by state and federal on your solar systems. Right now, the incentive includes PACE initiatives, federal and state rebates, federal ITC and solar renewable energy certificates (SRECs).

You don’t need to worry about them all, our experienced team will handle them. Eventually, we are familiar with all local and state restrictions and current permits and rebates. For such, comprehensive solar service, Solar Beam is at your help.

#5: Designing

Once the engineer evaluates the entire information over your project, our team will analyze it. After that, we would recommend to you the best solar system that goes with your energy requirement and geographical features. Moreover, you can also add your specific requirements or demands.

After deciding the feature and properties of the solar system, we will go with the designing process. You will be regularly updated with the development of the designing process. Once, it’s done the process of installation is carried out.

#6: Installation and Interconnection

Well, once we have completed the designing process and you have done the selection of solar panels and inverter, we will move to installation. Of course, we will help to select the best brands with the ideal capacity that goes best with your home or business energy requirements.

The installation process commences with preparing the roof. After which electrical wiring is done along with racking systems, solar modules, and other technology like the inverters and metering systems. Next, is turning your solar system on and connecting it with the grid which takes little time. However, with our client-friendly team, the test will be carried out to ensure maximum performance and efficiency.

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Frequently Asked Question [FAQ’s]


Q1: Why Prefer Solar Energy In The First Place?

Solar System installation comes with lots of perks. With the rising energy costs and depleting conservational energy, you need to switch to some renewable energy source. In this case, Solar Energy seems best. Besides being the best renewable source of energy, it saves you huge from the power bill which is the best benefit you receive with it. This one-time investment will start paying out within four to five years.

Q2: What’s the Difference?

Though electricity is cleaner than most of the forms of energy. Still, it has a slight impact on the ecology as this comes from electricity plants which cause huge pollution in producing it. With solar, you take an eco-friendly approach toward life and the environment. The reason is solar energy user’s sun rays to produce it, which fulfills your energy requirement without harming nature. Even an average solar system will make a positive difference.

Q3: Who can install solar panels?

Whether you have a home property or business, you can turn solar anyway. The state of New South Wales encourages you to take such eco-friendly steps. Obviously, you can go solar even when your energy consumption is very high. For average household 5kw Solar System and even 6kw Solar System is good. However, for large households to average scale business 10kW Solar System goes best.

[su_note]NOTE: The focus of installing panels isn’t going to cover your all energy costs. However, you will be saving a significant amount every month. Nonetheless, sometimes your solar energy exceeds your consumption, which is transferred to the grid. Hence, your energy bill, in that case, reaches zero, and you get extra benefits for that.[/su_note]


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