Jinko is one of the globally leading solar brands and also known for its extraordinary quality and high performing solar modules. Well, the Chinese Manufacturer has enabled features like salt mist corrosion resistant again increases its efficiency.

Being established in 2006 mainly in China and Malaysia, the company has various units globally. With a huge range of solar products, it meets your entire energy requirements including residential, commercial and utility.

However, if you are thinking to go solar, you might want to know the complete expenses on Jinko Solar Panels. Well, it vicissitudes depending on several embarking factors.  Here, we have shared major factors that make the Jinko Solar Panels out of the box in the industry.


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How Jinko Solar Panels Compare to Other Panel Manufacturers?

Jinko solar panels

The main properties that vicissitudes the price of the panels include efficiency, performance, price, and warranty. Obviously, the higher quality you would require the higher expenses you have to make.

The factors include:

#1: Efficiency 

Well, the factor mainly affects the quality and standard of the panels. Furthermore, panels with an efficiency of around 15 to 18 % come in the category of the quality module. Surprisingly, Jinko Solar Panels offers efficiency between 15.57% and 18.57% which more than the average.

#2: Performance 

The best way to evaluate the performance of a panel is by analyzing its temperature coefficient. Actually, it reflects the output decrease for every 1°C increase in temperature after 25°C (77°F). With temperature coefficient of either -0.4% / °C or -0.39% / °C, Jinko Panels encompass exceptional performance. Surprisingly, it fits under the typical range which is -0.35 to -0.45.

#3: Cost 

Jinko falls under a very affordable price which ranges from $3.00 to $3.99. Cost-effective and budget-friendly price is again a prominent factor which makes it the best option in the market. With Jinko Solar Panels you are ought to get an efficient module at a reasonable price with exceptional quality and efficiency.

#4: Warranty 

Warranty is one of the major concerns that you should look for. Ultimately, Jinko offers you an amazing 10-year materials warranty which valid against defect in any constituents.  That means with Jinko Solar Panels Warranty, you can use the panels for 10 years without servicing costs.


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Is Jinko Solar the Right Panels for You?

Overall, the company offers a wide range of decent quality solar modules. Moreover, the efficiency and performance of the solar panels are above average. Besides, these are available at cost-effective prices that are likely to fit your budget.

Most importantly, your modules are covered by a supreme warranty of about 10 years. Simply, you would be using for that period without paying extra servicing charge. Surprisingly, the warranty period of panels varies from 10 -25 years for some specific models.

Having a problem analyzing if Jinko is good for your requirement or not? Contact Solar Beam to help you with your selection. Our experienced and expert energy advisors will pick out the best Jinko Solar Panels for your residential and commercial energy requirements.

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Jinko Solar Panels Price

Mostly, the ultimate decision of going solar depends on the final expense calculated. However, when you are going for a solar system with Jinko Solar Panels the price will vary depending on the model you go for. Moreover, this will also fluctuate the cost of your installation and Jinko solar panels size.

The entire cost of the solar system varies with the chosen solar equipment and properties of your roof. You get a wide option of panels with Jinko which fits your energy requirement along with their affordability.


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Jinko Solar Panels Warranty

Warranty isn’t just a relaxing factor that you get with any electronic device. Also, it shows the confidence of a company over the durability of the product. A Solar Panel Warranty means assurance from the manufacturer in case your module fails due to manufacturing defects or environmental issues. The warranty includes the replacement of defected parts of the panels and servicing.

Mostly, the Jinko Solar Panels comes with a 10-year materials warranty. However, some higher-end solar Modules also have a 12, 15, 20, or even 25-year warranty. You can avail of these against any defect in it through your certified solar installers.

Warranty Procedure for Bereaved Jinko Customers

Have the solar installer from whom you purchased Jinko Panels gone out of business? Don’t worry about the warranty. In such a situation, the warranty claims shift to the company directly. You can call them on their customer service line in Australia for @ 1300 326 182 for further information.

The customer executive will further assist you to avail your warranty services. However, you need to keep photos and serial numbers of the panels. Well, the reason behind that is you have to send them through a specific email address provided by them. Eventually, they will organize the replacement of the panels.

In case, if you fail to organize the installer, Jinko can recommend you with one to proceed with the servicing. They will also compensate for the labor cost with the customer concerned with replacing the panels. For the first, it’s around $200 and $ 15 for each extra panels. However, the price can vary from time to time.

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