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Trina Solar Panels are the world’s largest solar manufacturer with its extraordinary standard and exceptional performance. With the recent advancement of technology and reducing manufacturing cost, the solar company has played a vital role in the engrossing of the solar industry.

Moreover, with a wide variety of solar modules, you can get solar power handy for your energy requirements. Whether you’re switching solar for commercial energy requirements or residential, Trina Solar Panels is just perfect for your energy.

Well, the highly reputed and world’s largest solar suppliers were established in way back in 1997. Actually, it’s known as the oldest Chinese Solar Panel distributer renowned for their unbeatable quality and exceptional performance. Evidently, its cutting edge technology and unmatchable reliability have made it a leading brand across 30 countries.

Besides, there are some exceptional features associated with the manufacturer, which is making it rule the PV industry.

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Exceptional Features of Trina Solar Panels

Trina is one of the top-most recommendation; you would hear from any of the best solar installers. What’s the secret? Well, besides having a matchless and proficient solar module manufacturer, it’s some unique perk. Actually, this is what makes it a fervent first choice.

#1: Tier 1 Manufacturer— Assurance of quality

Trina is a prominent name in the PV Industry, with business spread across the globe. Well, with more than they manufacture Tier 1 Solar Panels which are the best category solar panels. Moreover, each panel comes with an almost 10-year product warranty, a typical number for tier 1 panels. Evidently, there’re panels with lower price factor. However, the cost-effective factor and lower price range are perks of Trina Solar Panels that cannot go unnoticed.

#2: Sustainable Leading Manufacturer

Each year Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition (SVTC) issues a report that asserts the safe eco-friendly practices in the high-tech industry. Eventually, this declares how foul even known solar manufacturers can be. However, Trina Solar Panels have emerged as not a foul. Still, the company has been improving its sustainability to improve its environmental and social responsibility.

#3: Trina’s Honey Panel Is Amazing

In 2012, Trina introduced Honey Module which was an instant amid the leading panels. All because of its multi-crystalline efficiency and still it’s getting strong. Surprisingly, the nomenclature of the panels is quite interesting. The company wanted it to be the sweet spot between the unbeatable cutting-edge tech and cost-effectiveness. Well, Honey Solar Module gets exactly what the customers were looking for.

#4: Salt Mist Corrosion Resistance

A quality solar panel is one that withstands every harsh weather condition. Simply, the solar panels outside have to face the most hardest possible condition, which includes rains, hale and even strong winds. Well, this makes the panels prone to metal to corrosion due to the oxidization which takes place because of moisture. Evidently, this affects the durability of the modules. However, all Trina Solar Panels are corrosion resistant. Moreover, the modules have Certifications for corrosion resistance features.

#5: Built-In DC Optimizers For Upgraded Performance

DC optimizers are attached to solar panels to make them work more smartly to improve their overall output. Hence, they got the name because of their work performance optimization. Actually, you can insert them separately to your solar system. However, with Trina Smart Solar panels you get the built-in DC Optimizers, which makes installation hassle less and quick. Moreover, these can be very beneficial for maximum solar energy generation from a limited roof space.

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Trina Solar Panels Models

Being a leading solar manufacturer, the company offers a wide range of solar panels that perfectly fit your energy requirements. Well, whether you are single or living up with your family, even if you’ve large-scale utility, Trina Solar Panels is the best option.

Trina Solar Energy mainly offers three different series of solar panels. Here, we’ve shared Trina Solar Panels Specs of various series:

#1: Trina Honey Series

  • Framed 120-cell PV modules 120 half-cut cells
  • Standard format
  • perfect for small rooftop systems
  • 5BB, 285-300W
  • Mono-crystalline & Multi-crystalline cells
  • 10-year product warranty
  • 25-linear power output warranty


#2: Trina Tallmax Series

  • Framed 144-cell PV modules
  • Large-scale format
  • Mono-crystalline and multi-crystalline cells
  • 1500V TÜV/UL certified
  • Commercial and utility-scale solar projects.


#3: Trina Duomax Series

  • Mono-crystalline
  • Multi-crystalline cells
  • highly efficient bifacial cells with a dual glass construction
  • Half-Cut Cell and Multi-Busbar Technologies.
  • Dual Tüv/Ul Certification
  • 144 Half-Cut Cell Modules

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Trina Solar Panels Warranty

The warranty offered by the company is impressive. Evidently, you get about a 10-years manufacturer’s product warranty with every Trina Panel you purchase. Moreover, it goes through the normal industry standard and guards your investment against defects for 10 years. In addition, it comes with a 25-year performance warranty which would recall 80% power output after 25 years of usage.

[su_highlight background=”#fbd232″]Trina Solar has an extensive support and service center across the world. Moreover, its Australian service center locates in Sydney.[/su_highlight]

If your solar installer has gone out of business from which you’ve purchased the panels, you can claim your warranty to Trina. Besides, you can contact them in Australia on their customer service line.

Besides that, they have an online portal specifically for orphaned customers, so that they can lodge warranty claims for solar panels. Actually, they will arrange a local installer in their network to replace the panels under warranty. Also, liable labor costs will come under their warranty.


Trina Solar Panels Price

When you make the final decision to go solar, the first thing that pops in mind is of course cost. What would the entire solar equipment cost you?


Well, the total price you’ve to pay for the solar system Trina solar panels vary depending upon various factor.  However, you need to understand your energy requirements beforehand. You cannot go for any model just because of its impressive specifications.[/su_quote]

Firstly, understand what’s your entire energy requirement is. Second, select the right and fitting solar energy system that goes with it. Now, you can move with the browsing the perfect Trina Solar Panels that would suit the entire assembly.

Here’s little help

  • First, pick Trina solar panels series you
  • Now, select a specific model you

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Contact the Best Solar Panel installer NSW, Solar Beam, to help you out. We understand the specific energy requirement of each client on the basis of which we suggest the best among the several options available.


Best Price on Trina Solar Panels

Being Australia’s #1 Solar Installer, we suggest the best model of Trina Solar Panels Sydney which goes with the energy requirement. With years of experience in this industry, our team stands out as the most skilled and innovative.

Obviously, this is the secret behind our unmatchable Solar Solution and excellent customer support. Moreover, our other solar services include:

  • 2 KW Solar System
  • 3 KW Solar System
  • 5 KW Solar System
  • 6 KW Solar System
  • 6.6 KW Solar System
  • 10 KW Solar System

All of these are exceptional solar system which perfectly fits for specific energy requirements. However, before going for one you need to understand your need for power.

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