German Solar Panels – Solar Power to Lower Energy Cost!!

German Solar Panels are the Best Solar Panels Available on the market. When it comes to installing solar panels system, you would get German Solar Panels as the very first recommendation from every solar installer.

That’s really interesting!

But, what’s the reason behind its being the top-notch pick of every installer?

German Solar Manufacturer is admired and reputed for their cutting edge and high standard manufacturing in the solar industry. The German Solar Modules encompasses advanced technology and pioneering engineering which makes them the best module available in the market.

Evidently, they have the best reputation in terms of manufacturing the best quality and standard Solar PV Components in the world. The quality and technology are of top-notch with the entirely automated manufacturing plant. These are the major facts with makes the German-produced Photo Voltaic module the best.

Read on to know what makes them so important….


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Why Are German Solar Panels So Important?

In Solar Industry, the only modules that are worth purchasing are those produced by a Tier 1 Manufacturer. Actually, the company which falls in this category produces the solar assembly themselves. They collect raw material and manufactures the cutting edge and most advance Solar panels.

On the other hand, Tier 2 or tier 3 companies produce a few parts of the panel and the rest they usually buy from the market. At worst, they purchase all the components separately and just assemble the panel under their brand.

The best designed Solar Panel has every component fit perfectly and enabled with pioneering quality. Well, you can only get it with Tier 1 Manufacturer which produces most of the German Solar Panels. That you can understand; it is important.

German Solar Panel Is Important

Firstly, these solar panels are produced in an entirely automated manufacturing plant with end to end processes. This ensures exceptional quality control and millimeter accurate precision which is necessary for a top-notch solar module.

The second fact which makes the German Panels so important is there rigor manufacturing because they are not a simple beast to assemble. Evidently, the components require excellent precision to yield a top-quality PV Module. In fact, a miniature difference can have a huge impact.

For Example:

There is a term sin solar panel known as Potential Induced Degradation (PID). Well, this phenomenon can cause a panel’s maximum output to drop drastically in the first 2-3 years.

[su_quote]Well, it can drop up to 98-99% of the original maximum output of the panel. On the other hand, a panel with no PID Protection would fall to around 94-95% of the original output.[/su_quote]

What’s the Difference Between the Two Solar Modules?

Well, the anti-reflective coating of the first type of panel is uniform across its surface. Conversely, the second panel has a layer less than a millimeter thickness which is irregular. Actually, that’s a difference of almost 5% between the two just because of the difference of a single layer of the panel. And the energy-producing layer doesn’t include in that.


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What Makes German Solar Panels Best?

Obviously, German solar modules have a big name in the solar industry. There are lots of factors that make a German Solar Panel Best option available on the market. This photovoltaic system has some significant features and properties which make them the best. In this segment, let’s have a look over the key factors which make them the best.

German Solar Panel Is Best

#1: High Efficiency

The efficiency of solar panels is usually measured with the quantity of solar radiation it changes into electricity. Hence, the maximum efficiency of the module, the better will be the solar energy production. Well, these panels are top suggestions only because of their high efficiency.

#2: Advanced Output

Well, output clearly means the complete electricity production of the solar panels. This is quite necessary facts which you need to check before going for any solar panel. Undoubtedly, Germans solar panels are known for their advanced output.

#3: Best PID

PID is a phenomenon that determines the efficiency of the panels in long terms usages. The higher the PID protection layer of the module the longer the power production efficiency of panels will last. In terms of German Solar Panels, its PID is very high which is a sort of relaxation.

#4: Durability

A solar panel requires to have high durability because it faces the weather directly. Windy days, extreme heat, gale, etc. might damage them. Hence, you need to ensure that the panels have high precision which ensures the sturdiness. Well, as mentioned German Solar Panels have high precision because these are produced in completely automated plants.

Significantly, you can understand why the German PV Solar Panels get the top-notch position in the solar industry.


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German Solar Manufacturer

German solar panels are of high standard and everlasting durability. Well, not all the solar panels made in German company has the same properties encompassed with the panels. Here, we have shared the List of Solar Companies in Germany. Have a look:

  • ALGATEC SOLAR in Brandenburg
  • Antec Solar in Thuringia
  • AxSun Solar in Laupheim-Baustetten
  • Calyxo in Bitterfeld-Wolfen
  • Heckert Solar in Chemnitz
  • SI modules in Freiburg
  • SOLARA in Hamburg
  • SOLARWATT in Dresden
  • Solar power factory in Wismar


Are German Panels Better than Chinese Panels?

Actually, China’s manufactured panels are more like a mixed bag of German Panels. Chinese Government provides generous incentives that have led rise to a number of panel manufacturers. Well, some of them are very good, Tier 1 Companies. However, there are numerous poorer companies because of the advantage of the scheme.

German Solar panel vs Chinese Solar Panel

Well, this means there is a good number of Chinese brands with the same quality of German brands. However, you need to be specific in terms of the panels to ensure various facets including if the manufacturer comes in the Tier 1 category or not.

Are All German Panels Manufactured In Germany?

If they are not produced in Germany, does their quality worsen?

In today’s time, the German Solar Industry has acquired customers worldwide. Well, to produce panels in Germany and ship it to locations like Australia will make it costly. That’s why multiple German Manufacturers plants are located in diverse places. Eventually, this lessens the entire costing and you get panels at a reasonable price.

For Example:

There’s a German Solar Panel Company Conergy which offers their products in Australia. However, the company has a manufacturing plant situated in Malaysia. This by no means specifies that panels’ quality would be worse. To your acknowledgment, the panels produced here are an exact replica of the quality panels manufactured in Frankfurt Germany.


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