Power Your Home With Our 6.6kW Solar System Package NSW

Australia is one of the top-most countries in terms of solar energy because of its exceptional geographical features. That’s the reason why Aussies are going for this eco-friendly energy expedition.

6.6 kW Solar System is a perfect option for the energy requirements of a large family or small commercial space. This cost-effective power source is the best way to slash down your energy bills with just a one-time investment.

A 6.6kW solar system gets you almost endless power supply using renewable energy from the sun without hashing the environment.

Installing such a 6.6kW Solar System NSW gets you around 20-25kW average energy per day annually. This would cut off huge amount from the cheque you pay to your local energy provider. More details about savings structure and discount offers can be read here.


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This article will provide a comprehensive overview about 6.6kW Solar Panel System that you need to know including its cost, output and financial returns.

Let’s get started…

Have a look over our in-depth review on this 6.6kw Solar System NSW which will provide you with all sort of information you are looking for!

  • Why A 6.6 kW Solar System Is The New ‘Solar Sweet Spot’?
  • Price of 6.6kW Solar System 
  • 6.6kW Solar System with Battery Backup
  • 6.6kW Solar System – How Many Panels?
  • Output Per Day From 6.6kW Solar System  
  • How Much Energy Will a 6.6KW Solar System Produce?
  • Average payback period of a 6.6kw Solar System

Why A 6.6 kW Solar System NSW Is The New ‘Solar Sweet Spot’?

6.6kW Solar System

The craze of solar power is getting an upgrade because of its ultimate long-term utility with one-time investment. As a result, new improved, upgraded and advanced solar systems are being introduced to users as a better option.

In this series, 6.6kW Solar System has emerged as the ultimate winner!!

Five years ago, 3kW solar power systems (that’s approx. 12 panels) were the thing every household owned. And now, with bigger and better 6.6kw solar panels (that’s approx. 24 panels), improved efficiency and energy output has ruled the market.

It has a grand utility that suits the need from a large family to a small commercial space. That’s why 6.6 KW Solar System NSW has become a preferable option among the customers.

The big question is – WHY?? Well, here are three main reasons:

  • Reducing solar power systems cost, making bigger systems more affordable.
  • More panels = more STCs (the Federal Government’s ‘rebate’) = a bigger point of sale discount for you!
  • 6kW is a great size for anyone thinking about adding a battery.

Now, let’s get start to discuss the cost/price of a 6.6kw solar system in NSW.

How Much Will A 6.6KW Solar System Cost In NSW?

6.6kW Solar System

Now, the question arises in your mind what’s the 6.6kW solar system cost around? How much expense you got to have in all? When will it start paying you off?

Well, the 5kW Solar System has traditionally been one of the most reliable residential sized solar system for the average household. But now, with the upgraded technology, 6.6kW solar panels is going to be more cost-effective for your lifestyle.

Moreover, the Australia government rebate makes it easier to go for a Solar System NSW to fulfill your energy need. Moreover, the high production efficiency will pay you back your investment in just 3 to 5 years.

What’s the 6.6kW System Cost?6.6kW Solar Panel Cost

A good quality 6.6kW solar system will usually cost you $2599.

Well, picking out cheaper components such as panels and invertors can get save you big in initial terms? However, in longer-term, you will have more expenses over equipment in short-term lifespan and expensive repairs. So, it’s better to get a good system in seeking future benefits.

There’re a lot of factors that fluctuate your solar panels design and budget. These include:

  • Hours of sunshine hitting the rooftop
  • Roof angle might demand extra mounting
  • Shade can impact performance
  • Your energy requirements.

These factors are the topmost concerns of your Best Solar Panel Installer NSW when it comes to getting you the precise budget. Evidently, after discussing your energy requirement and analyzing the several aspects of your project your company will identify the complete cost.

Moreover, the inverter is quite an essential part of the system as it alters sunrays into the AC electric currents. So, you need to select one with huge care which also alters the entire cost expended.

At Solar Beam we only offer the world’s trusted and popular brands, ensuring you get maximum return on investment. We recommend a KStar Inverter or a Fronius Inverter of 6.6kW (6600 Watts).

  • $ 2599 for 6.6kW with KStar Inverter
  • $ 3800 for 6.6kW with Fronuis Inverter

Also, the inverter comes with an extended 10 years of warranty offer available on selected inverters.

If you need a 6.6 kW solar system with 6.6kW inverter for your suburban home or industrial unit, contact us today!!

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6.6kW Solar System with Battery Backup  

6.6kW Solar System With Battery Backup

Evidently, a standard solar system can produce energy during daylight hours!

Enabling a battery backup means you can use that stored energy for night use. Eventually, this allows you to use stored energy instead of the power grid that you have to pay for. This can also be beneficial if you are fed up of the frequent power outages.

Do You Need A Battery Backup?

Significantly, a solar system entitled by an efficient battery backup can turn great benefit to you. However, you might need to put out huge thought in order to see which battery backup goes right with you to 6.6kw Solar System.

You need to see if the battery backup goes with your system or not that can again put some loads of dollars. However, it’s gonna be good in the longer term. You will be saving more in long-term with more conservational energy.

​​Battery Backup Products

Well, there are a lot of battery backup products that you can go for your solar system. LG Chem offers some of the best lithium-ion solar home batteries. This will provide remarkably competent performance for your 6.6kW solar panels.

Lithium-ion batteries deliver major advantages over other typical battery which includes:

  • Improved safety
  • Quicker recharge
  • More storage capacity
  • Enhanced performance at extreme temperature
  • Lightweight nature
  • Compact size and easy installation

What’s the Battery Backup Cost?

Actually, the initial outlay for LG Lithium batteries might a bit higher over older lead-acid batteries. But the advantages will be quickly paid off.

Get Optimized Solution for Energy Saving With Solar Beam!!

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How Many Panels Do You Need For A 6.6kw Solar System?

6.6kW Solar System

A 6.6 KW solar system encompasses of 24 solar panels!!

With improved technology and advancement in machinery, highly efficient panels are available at a lesser price. Each panel has a size of 1.6m by 1m. So, before hiring any solar installer company you need to first check out the space on your rooftop.

Interestingly, the solar system is ideal for energy utility of larger family to a small business or commercial power usage.

Evidently, the digit and characteristic of solar panels you mount can make you have a huge investment. However, it’s gonna make an enormous variance to the cost-effectiveness and permanency of your solar system.

Obviously, you would like to choose a solar panel system that generate power efficiently even on those cloudy days. Also, don’t forget to look for panels with a 10 – 25 years of warranty. This will provide you with the guarantee of real durability.

6.6kW Solar System – Output Per Day

How much energy you gonna get on a daily basis? Will it be sufficient for my daily energy requirements? Well, the same question might have popped out in your mind while reading this article.

Let’s see what the average energy need in Australia is.

Larger Australian Homes have an energy requirement of 24KW of energy on each day (excluding swimming pool) and 6.6KW Solar System NSW can easily meet the daily output target.

6.6kW Solar System

However, it depends upon a range of facts that influence the total power generated through the system. This includes:

  • Number of top sunlight hours
  • Shadow (even small amounts)
  • Temperature extremes
  • Panel alignment

According to facts and figure, mostly there are around 5 hours of peak sunlight every day in Australia. Consequently, this means that your 6.6kW solar system with north-facing panels will generate around an average of 20kWh to 27kWh of power per day over the year.

We Intent to Get Your Energy Bills Down, Close To Zero!

This will enable you to recover your entire investment in around 3-5 years. Our Solar Panels NSW paybacks your investment with its cutting edge efficiency and higher energy output.

How Much Energy Will a 6.6KW Solar System Produce?

Location is one of the essential determinants in all the factors which are highly essential for energy production. There’s a simple science behind it- the more the sunshine falls on the solar assembly the more will be electricity output of the system.

The table right below provides the rough approximation of energy produced by a 6kW/6.6KW solar panel system. The statistics are based on the Bureau of Meteorology and PVWatts data.

North-Facing 6kw Solar System

Capital City

Approx. solar energy production


















*Via PVWatts & Bureau of Meteorology

[su_note]NOTE: The data is gathered by using a system with an efficiency rate of 75% (means more can be achieved with a higher efficient system). Moreover, the energy output here is in the annual figure.

However, in reality, the weather makes a difference. Simply in summer, energy output will be higher and lower in the winter.[/su_note]

What’s the Average Payback Period of A 6.6kW Solar System in NSW?

Your payback on your investment depends on two specific factors:

  • Energy output
  • Investment

The specified condition of your system can produce you 20-27kw of energy on a daily basis. However, that depends on several factors which even include the weather condition.

Moreover, energy output exclusively depends on these factors:

  • Location
  • Temperature extremes
  • Solar panels quality
  • Number of peak sunlight hours
  • System positioning
  • Shade (even small amounts)
  • Panel orientation

And your investment entirely depends on what type of panels, batteries and inverter you have selected. Moreover, the average estimated cost of 6.6kw Solar Systems is around $2599.

Hence, after calculating both side-by-side, you can get the payback of your investment in around 3-5 years.

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Our solar package includes:

  • 2KW Solar Panels
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