New South Wales, Australia’s state on the east coast, is geographically more suited for solar energy. Either its residential or commercial purpose, solar energy can have significant benefits. Interestingly, about more than 1.6 million Aussie homes are already equipped with solar panels.

The surprisingly getting increment in the solar system installation is because of the amazing benefits behind it. Eventually, it’s not only good for environmental conservation but also declines the huge expenses of your electricity bills.

Moreover, the Solar Panels NSW Government Rebate is encouraging Aussies to go for a greener option. Sunny and warm weather all-round the year makes solar power the best natural way to get electricity for your residential and commercial purposes.

However, solar system installation requires lot of professional skill and technical knowledge. So, it becomes quite tough to choose the Best Solar Panel Installer NSW with many options in the town.

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At Solar Beam, we offer professional, affordable and efficient solar services without sacrificing the quality. Our impeccable solar service and immense customer support have made us Australia’s #1 Source for Solar Energy Solutions.

We aim to lead the development of large scale solar installations, solar systems and solar panels throughout Australia, allowing more people to have access to solar power.

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Best Features For An Effective Solar Power System

Best Solar Panel Installer NSW

Before starting off with any solar project, let’s check out few essential aspects of installing an effective solar system.

Let’s have a look…

  • The accessible roof space and optimum panel site
  • The positioning and pitch of the rooftop(s)
  • Effect of shading across all weather and time of day
  • The structural reliability of the rooftop
  • Sizing the cords of panels for the precise voltage of the inverter solution
  • Confirm the design meets building codes and electrical standards
  • Deciding the most appropriate position for the inverter and the way the cables are run
  • Considering suitable monitor choices and think if batteries are apt.

Well, these were the key facts, on which we put major concern in our every solar project.

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Read the below section…


5 Facts You Should Look For In A Best Solar Panel Installer NSW

Every solar project has its own distinct location, orientation and other factors. Hence, each such project requires an exclusive assessment on the behalf of the project to instigate.

There are two factors which are quite essential for any specific Solar System NSW. Whether the assembly encompasses the best solar panels or the output of entire solar system is effective. Well, these aspects solely depends on the company you have hired – Are They The Best Solar Panel Installer Of The Town?

Here we’ve shared few things you should look when you are hiring the best solar panel installer.


#1: Find a Local Company, With Its Heart in Aussies Land

Best Solar Panel Installer NSW

The Best Solar Installer NSW Companies are those which have started from the same place. Moreover, such companies have their values lied in the same place.

Going to a step further, such a company would better understand the geographical feature and climate of the place.  Besides that, navigating the renewable energy landscape is very easier for them. These factors are probably most essential to decide the steps to be taken for your solar project.

#2: Choose Quality Solar Panels & Installation Techniques
Best Solar Panel Installer NSW


Majorly, the solar panels are of three types which include amorphous (thin sheet), monocrystalline and polycrystalline.

  • Amorphous panels are constructed by laying a thin sheet of silicone over a sheet of steel. Well, the plus point is that they are cheaper but are least efficient.
  • Polycrystalline panels have gradually become popular, as you would encounter them on the street by their vivid blue color. Moreover, these solar panels are proficient, as they need more space than monocrystalline.
  • Monocrystalline panels have been the most popular optimal among customers. They are the most effective and necessitate the least space on a roof or the ground.

The right solar system for your project depends wholesome of factors. These include family’s or individual lifestyle, penchants, roof’s dimensions, and budget. Before you decide your solar product, you need to decide which would work best for your requirements.

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#3: They Should Use Tier 1 Panels Only

Best Solar Panel Installer NSW

Next, you should look for the quality of the solar system is – which category do they belong to, Tier 1 or Tier 2. The solar panels produced by the top manufacturer belong to the Tier 1 category. On the other hand, Tier 2 solar panels are manufactured by the small-scale manufacturer.

Moreover, the best quality solar systems among these two are the one which belongs to Tier 1. These are made of excellent quality by the best manufacturers. Moreover, such panels have long endurance performance and have a backup of excellent warranty.

Always do make sure the company you are hiring guarantees to install Tier 1 solar panels. Significantly, this ensures that your investment is in the right place. As a result, the solar system you have installed will provide you with high performance without any interruptions.

#4: What Kind of Past Projects Have They Done?

Best Solar Panel Installer NSW

How to ensure that you have the best solar installation?

This can only be possible after looking at the previous projects of the company. Well, you can do this by combing through companies profile; you just need to check the past projects they have completed.

Have been loud and proud of their former solar projects? Or, Was it tough for them to accomplish their earlier work? If you find it later one, better reconsider hiring the installer. As it seems they can’t back off clients’ claims.

Well, the best top-most installers can be distinguished on the basis of substantial experience in both commercial and residential projects.

#5: What Environmental Values Does the Solar Installer Hold?

Best Solar Panel Installer NSW

Being a renewable energy source, solar power is emerging as an essential mean in our progressively fragile planet. Obviously, you want to get it installed mostly because it’s very cost-effective. However, being conscious of the ecosystems it’s necessary too.

Mostly, you would find that people don’t consider it as a priority. Still, it’s important for the solar installer who also appreciates the environment advantages enormously. Australia, and particularly Perth, are delicate ecosystems that prerequisite our attention.

Getting the Best Solar Panel Installer Company which cares about your local environment can be a great boost.

Well, these were some of the major facts that you should look into before you hire the Solar Panel NSW. Still, there are many doubts that need to be clarified.

Jump to the below section for all your answers…


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

#1: Do You Have The Right Weather?

First and foremost, the thing you need to consider is when your solar panels have lots of sunlight. This will get you maximum energy savings which attracted you to install the system in the first place.

Moreover, you need to do some research on your local weather. This will give you an idea of the average rainfall in the past couple of years and how much light you receive in different parts of the year. As if you don’t receive sufficient light, other conversational energy forms will be a better option. 

#2: Do You Have The Right Roof?

The quality of the roof is quite necessary for installing solar panels. As once they are on, it very difficult to get them off and get the rooftop repaired. It’s better you get them repaired or replaced with a better quality roof and then install them.

Additionally, you need to consider how much shade your roof receives and if it is at the appropriate angle to catch maximum sunlight.

#3: What Panel Option Is Right For You?

As we have discussed the different type of solar panel, so you need to consider them all accordingly your requirement. Hence, before shopping for them, you would be aware of what you need and require for your property.

Moreover, you would be aware of what sort of excellence and efficiency you are investing your money into.

#4: How Much Money Will You Save?

How much could you save with solar panel installed?? After looking into how your bills are gonna decrease you exactly know the benefits of solar energy in your life. Obviously, you need to double-check before you expend your money.

#5: Will Your Panels Connect To The Grid?

You need to consider the location of your house. Will the electric companies connect you to the grid? You need to call them on prior and consult what their fees are.

Besides that, you need to look at what state laws are concerning electricity as well. As this might take longer than usual to get you the money back spent of installation.

#6: Should You Buy Or Lease?

You should consider your financial aspects also. Surprising, as you can have a better option over the other when it comes to buying or leasing solar panels. Take a few moments to read about plus and minus of both before you decide it officially.

#7: What Does Your Contract Say?

Well, if you are living in a rented building or choose to lease your solar panels, you need to check the contracts beforehand carefully. Moreover, your property owner might prevent forbid solar panel installation. Besides that, a lease might also specify what types of buildings the panels can get power from.

#8: What Is A Safe Panel Installation?

Another important aspect that you need to know is how panels are installed. This would help you know exactly how the process gonna start. Moreover, you would be aware of the company you have hired is doing the right and the best thing for solar installation for your project.

#9: How Do You Keep Up With Solar Panels?

After getting installed once on the top of the house, clients almost forget them. However, the solar panels require great care so that they can last for the long term. You need to know some simple ways to clean your solar system. Henceforth, this will make increase their longevity and efficiency to deliver the power to your house for years to come.

Solar energy dependency doesn’t only put a great cut on your energy bill but is great for our ecological system. However, this can only be possible when a solar system is installed by a professional and experienced solar installer.


Looking for Best Solar Panel Installer NSW??

At Solar Beam, we focus on a professional and smart solar installation which gets you the maximum power backup. Our concern lays the high standard and quality service to make solar thoughtful option for energy need.

Being Australia’s #1 Source for Solar Energy Solutions, we are pledged to provide you with impeccable service with huge customer support.

What Makes Us Out Of The Box?

  • Highly experienced and CEC certified installers
  • Professional Installation by a top-notch solar installer
  • Quick Response- 48 hrs. response rate
  • Solar service at Affordable and cost-effective Price with zero glitches
  • Extensive services with the professional and certified team
  • Best Solar Advice for safety and the right investment

We ensure our customers receive the best quality product with the uppermost excellence of service!!

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