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Solar Panels Rebate (STC Reduction) To be Phased Out from

1st January, 2018!

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What does this mean for the average households and entrepreneurs in Australia?

[su_note]“The solar rebate of $3,990, most households in Australia would get at this moment for a 5kw solar system will fall by around $266 down to $3,724.”

But, you don’t have to take our word for it… Check out all the details here from Solar Beam.[/su_note]

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solar panels rebate

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What Rebates and Incentives are available for solar Panels?

[su_highlight background=”#fbd232″]Federal Tax Credit – 30%[/su_highlight]

There is a generous 30% federal investment tax credit (ITC) for your solar power systems. Both commercial and residential customers can take advantage of this tax rebate, and it applies to all major types of solar technologies.

In addition to the federal tax credit, many states, counties and municipalities offer rebates or other incentives for solar PV Systems.

Your solar installer will be able to provide the best up-to-date information regarding incentives.

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Is the federal ‘Solar Panels Rebate’ going to end next year?

The solar panels rebate which currently lowers the upfront cost of rooftop systems in Australia will be phased out on 1st of January 2018.

The rebate will be greatly reduced by one fifteenth of its current rate on the first day of each year until 2030 and will end on the 31st of December.

At the start of 2018, the solar rebate of $3,990, most households in Australia would get at this moment for a 5kw solar system will fall by around $266 down to $3,724.

Solar Panels Rebate

This phase out is encouraging Aussies to get solar panels installed at their rooftop sooner than later.


Solar Panels Rebate – What else you need to know?

Solar rebate is the part of Renewable Energy Target of Australia and was introduced in the beginning of 2011.

It reduces the cost of solar rooftop systems to households and businesses through the intuitive creation of valuable piece of paper called STC (Small-scale Technology Certificates).

 These wonderful STCs summoned out when you whack a solar system on your roof.

And how many of these are summoned… just depends upon how much electricity it is expected to generate.

A 5kw solar system will receive twice as much as a 2.5kw one, and a sunny Central location in Australia is worth much more than a system in old cloudy Melbourne.

The map shown below represents the four different zones that governs how many STCs you’ll receive per kW of solar panels for each remaining year of the rebate:

Solar Panels Rebate

The Australian Government Clean Energy Regulator say the solar rebate is not technically a rebate. Instead it apparently should be called something along the lines of, “Payment for small-scale technology certificates.”

But in real life: This effectively gives you money back on the cost of your rooftop solar system.


How the Solar Rebate Will Be Phased Out?

At this moment, rooftop solar power systems receives a worth of 15 years of STCs in advance while installation. On the 1st of Jan 2018 that decrease to 13 years.

On the 1st of Jan 2019 it decreases to 12 years. This reduction in cost will continue to last years of years until 2030 (on 31st of December that rebate will end).

Solar Panels Rebate

To make the most of this, buy your solar system before 31st December 2017.


Getting the Most Out Of the Solar Panels Rebate

The amount of STCs acknowledged is based upon the total number of Kilowatts (KWs) of solar panels installed at home and not the size of the inverter.

Therefore, if you own 3kw solar panels connected to a 5kw inverter, you’ll get STCs for only the solar panels.

Do I qualify for the solar panels rebate (STCs)?

Furthermore, you can receive STCs only for the solar panels that do not exceed, in total, the size of your inverter by more than 1/3.

Like, if you own 4.5kw of solar panels connected to a 3kw inverter, you’ll not qualify to receive any STCs at all.

The panels cost will have to be paid in full by yourself; solar installers will let you know this.

For most of the installations it creates an economic sense for the solar panels to outsize the inverter while staying inside the larger 1/3 limit.

This is for the reason that the solar panel’s output is limited by the inverter size, the extra output generated on cloudy days can make up for this.

Additionally, it can raise self-consumption of electricity for the households which ultimately improves the financial returns on solar panels.

Solar Panels Rebate

Should I Wait To Install Solar?

If you are planning to get solar panels installed at your home then, there is no perfect time than now.

Even the cost of solar systems will continue to drop, it makes no sense for you to wait any more.

And the most interesting fact is, the huge savings you’ll make by getting solar panels installed now will highly outweigh any savings you can make by delaying installation.

Yes! This is especially true for now i.e. before the planned solar panels rebate phase out.

“The countdown to the END of solar rebates has begun!!!”

“This ‘rebate’ is set to expire in Jan 2018. … Lock in your tax credit and start slashing your power bills.”

What are you waiting for? Experience solar advantages today!

With Solar Beam, you can expect an excellent customer service from first call through install and beyond.  Anyways, take your time and consider your options carefully in making a well-informed decision.

And while you’re here, why not compare some quotes from installers in your area?

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Solar Panels Rebate