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In the recent years, the 10kW solar system price has fallen dramatically.

All thanks to record low prices and generous government incentives as it has become possible for a family household to install a 10kW solar system.

Solar power in Australia has the lowest PV system installation cost and home to some of the best solar energy resources in the world.

According to Solar Beam’s data, a good quality fully installed 10kW solar power system average price starts at around $7,250 for the whole system (around $0.72 per watt).

It includes a German Made inverter like Zever Inverter and premium tier one solar panel such as Jinko 270W modules with a standard installation.

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What’s more?

A 10kW solar system can save you up to approx. $4,000 a year on your energy bills (As a rough guide).

Usually, you’ll need to use a lot of power during the daytime (65 kWh over summer) in order to get saved $1,000 on a quarterly bill.

You could easily spend up to $16,000 only if you are able to get the most out of your 10kW system and get a return on your investment in only 4 years.

Are you planning to make an investment in 10kW solar power system?

If yes….. Then you should consider a few of the key information including 10kW solar system price as well as the brands for a system of this size.

Take a quick look at the table containing key information on a 10kW solar PV system.

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 10kW Solar System

Number of Panels 40*250W Panels (40 Panels)
Cost Approx. $7250
Output 29 – 46 kWh per day
Return On Investment 3 to 5 years
Potential Savings $700 – $1000 a bill depending on your cost of power
Suited to Medium to large homes using on average around 40 kWh a day during the daytime

A 10kW solar panel offers some of the best value in comparison with any other solar PV system size.

The given price point can act as a reference point for anyone looking to install a 10kW solar PV system. Some installer will offer a high price while others will offer low price.

The most important thing one should consider before investing in solar panel that there has to be a balance between quality products and price.

Apart from these…

Here are some Key Questions Associated with 10kW Solar Panels Payback & ROI

  1. How many square feet of roof is required to install a 10kW solar system?

It completely depends on the efficiency of solar PV system that is being used each 1kW of DC, the topmost 10kW solar panel usually requires around 66 square feet of roof space.

  1. How much will a 10kW system save me?

The amount that can be saved by installing a 10kW solar power system differentiates, depending on –

Your location: More the sunlight = more energy = greater savings

It is obvious that more you pay for energy the more money a solar power system saves you.

10kw solar system price

  1. What are the best states of Australia for investing in new solar and batteries

    #1: Perth, WA – 7.3 years average payback

  • This is happening because of its plentiful sunshine and low prices of solar systems. In Perth you will get the shortest solar and battery payback times.
  • The large system on a TOU tariff had a longer return on investment (ROI) period of 8.5 years.
  • The lowest return on investment, at 6 years, was for the smallest system and a TOU tariff.

   #2: Sydney, NSW – 9 years average payback

  • In Sydney TOU tariffs usually offers cheaper off-peak rates. Moreover the batteries allow you to avoid drawing energy from the grid in peak periods.
  • The longest payback was with the medium sized system at 9.7 years on a flat rate tariff.
  • The shortest payback period (8.1 years) for the six consequences was with the small system on a TOU tariff.

   #3: Melbourne, Victoria – 9.6 years average payback

  • According to Solar Beam’s data from Nov 2017, the new rate fixed for solar fed into the grid in Victoria is 11.3c per kWh, up from 5c per kWh.
  • Higher feed-in tariff rates make the battery installations longer and payback time for new solar which is good for solar PV owners. .
  • The medium sized system comes with the longest payback period of 10.1 years with a flat rate tariff.
  • The smallest system had the shortest payback period of 8.7 years under a TOU tariff.

10kw solar system price

Compare performance and price of the top brands to find the best 10kw solar system. Buy good-quality 10kw solar systems with the latest, most powerful solar panels, module optimizer, or micro-inverters available at lowest price.

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