So You Want to Go Off-Grid…

With 5kw solar system battery backup technology

5 kilowatt (5kW) solar systems have become the largest and most popular system in most homes in Australia offsetting energy usage. This has become possible because of the combination of high energy production and great value for money that they bring.

Is your home suitable for a 5kW solar system?


Are you thinking of going off-grid with your family?

If yes, then you will definitely get full benefits of this technology that frequently converts the sun’s rays into free energy for your household works and control your energy bills as well.

Yeah! We are taking about the Off-grid solar battery backup technology. Going off-grid with a 5kw solar system with battery backup is actually possible.

Want to know everything about it? Go ahead and continue reading.


Size of a 5kW Solar System

The very first thing that comes in mind that,

How many panels & how much roof space required for a 5kW solar system?

  • Usually, a 5kW solar system will be comprised of between 15 to 20 panels and depending on the wattage of panel the system require about 20-40 m2 of roof space.
  • A 5kW solar system comes with a minimum size and further allows the addition of batteries at some point in the near future.
  • The system uses 250W solar panels in order to generate the electricity to charge batteries even when it’s not a sunny day.

5kw solar system with battery backup

Now let’s talk about the power generated by 5kW solar power.


Evaluating Capacity to generate power

  • A 5kW solar system has the capacity to generate more power as compared to the average Australian home uses per day. However, most home uses around 16kWh per day.
  • The solar system usually produces approximately 20kWh energy which is sufficient for an average Australian home.

One more thing you should know, the more sun’s ray panel receives the more it will generate energy.

Pricing of 5kW Solar System: The most important question an investor will think of, before buying it… let’s get to know!

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Pricing: 5kW Solar Systems

Basically, Australia is a home that is known for some of the lowest solar power system prices in the world and the credit goes to a board combination of local and global factors.

A 5kW solar system with battery backup covers power bills in the range of $80-$100 per month. See how much they cost, their output, the amount they will save you and the roof space required.

To get the best 5kw solar deals available in your city you can use our solar quote request form above, or watch this video to get complete information in a minute.

5kw solar system with battery backup

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The 5kW Solar Payback Arrangement

This scheme offers three types of power use and also provides payback by explaining how the solar power payback system actually works.

The solar payback arrangement allows a homeowner to use all of the electricity generated by a 5kW system, besides the savings from power expense offsets may equal as much as $2,100 in the very first year.

After 20 year period, the savings jump to $67,000 with the inclusion of an inflation rate on energy bill of 5 percent.

An alternative scenario presents the option to export half of the electricity. In the first year your savings amount is to be approximately $1,400.

You can save up to $700 in the first year if you decide to export all of the electricity. Although, a solar calculator can help you adjust the numbers if you find it hard how the solar power affect payback.

It seems you have gone through each and every detail about 5kW solar system mentioned above. Now it’s time to check for the battery backup.

5kw solar system with battery backup

5kW solar system with battery backup: What are your options?

5kW battery backup is becoming increasingly popular in Australia and is one of the most in-demand technologies that are delivering electricity even when the grid is down.

Types of battery back-up

There are different types of 5kW battery backup is available in the market. Let’s have a look at those battery backups:

  • Interruptible power supply – The next one is ‘interruptible power supply’, or IPS. An IPS provides a privilege to your home in order to keep running on solar & batteries when the grid goes down. With the help of this battery backup, you can use all your home appliances for a long time.
  • Uninterruptible power supply (UPS) – This Uninterruptible power supply is the industrial-grade solution that often required by industries and hospitals.
  • Partial off-grid solar & storage system – Another option includes a ‘partial off-grid system‘. This battery backup comes with an idea to create a dedicated off-grid section of the home so that it can continuously run on a solar & battery system in order to sustain itself without drawing energy from the power grid.

The essential household loads which include washing machine, fridges, AC, lights etc. remain ‘ON’ without any kind of interruption, even if the power grid goes down.

  • Emergency power supply (partial backup) – It is often found that some backup power functions work just by switching on an emergency circuit if the grid has gone down. It allows the home power devices like lights, fridges and a few dedicated power outlets in order to get connected to this circuit as it continues running off of the solar panels or batteries for the blackout period. It is one of the most affordable, sensible and popular options for homes around Australia.

To get a complete picture of the cost, financial returns and savings for your ideal 5kw solar system, call Solar Beam at 1300-004-077, they’ll help you give transparent, accurate and unbiased information related to your query.

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5kw solar system with battery backup