Australia is a hub of the best and cost-effective solar energy resources in the world. Even though Melbourne is a bit further in the south than Sydney or Brisbane, there’s still sufficient sunshine to make solar panels a perfect investment option for homes and businesses.

5kw solar systems have become the most common and popular system sizes not only in Melbourne but also the rest of Australia, even after several changes made in federal government incentives.


From medium to large sized households, everyone is getting 5kW solar systems installed at their homes. Around 10,000 households in Melbourne, Victoria have installed it in the past few years.

Also, 10-15% Victorian homes are now meeting more than half of their power needs with solar. It seems that 5kw solar systems have proven to be the most favored system sizes in Victoria as a whole.

5kw solar system Melbourne – This blog takes a look at the

  • Cost of a 5kw solar system
  • How many panels do a 5kw solar system require?
  • Power output of a 5kw solar system
  • Its average payback period
  • And financial returns

on a 5kw Solar System in Melbourne, Victoria.

First off, let us understand its cost which is one of the essential factors making a well-informed decision about going solar.

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How much does a 5kw Solar System Cost in Melbourne?

Get the cheapest solar panels Melbourne

Price of a 5kw solar system may be lower or higher, depending on the solar company offering the PV system and the components used.

At Melbourne, Victoria we only sell high-quality and cost-effective 5kw solar panels. Though cheap systems are also available in the market but remember, the price is a good indication of product quality. You always get what you pay for.

The inferior quality products are poorly regulated for pressure and temperature and hence cannot assure results.

Being the best Australian solar installer, we at Solar Beam are driven by extreme results and product quality. So, stay assured if you purchase a solar power system like 5kw from Solar Beam, it’s one of the best solar systems.

  • The cost of a 5kw solar system varies depending on the quality of the components It may also vary from state to state due to taxes, logistics, and government incentives etc.
  • We determine the total price by taking into account the roof size and everything that can probably complicate the solar installation process.
  • Irrespective of the size and type of solar panels you buy from Solar Beam, it comes with a cool 25-30 years of performance warranty. That’s why you are completely protected if things go wrong.
  • All our 5kW solar systems come with a 1-year workmanship warranty and Australian based support.

Moreover, the costs of a 5kw solar system have reduced significantly since past 4 years. This is the reason solar panels are becoming more popular in Melbourne, Victoria.

Sticking with this range of price ensures you are buying the best and high-quality solar power system for your Victorian property.

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How many panels does a 5kw solar system have?

  • A 5kW solar system will consist of 20 panels – a perfect option for medium to large households and businesses in Melbourne, Victoria.
  • 250W solar panels are around 1.6m by 1m in size, you will thus require at least 33m2 of roof space.

Furthermore, it’s also essential to understand what a 5kW solar power system promises in terms of energy output and potential electricity savings.


How much energy does 5kw system produce in Melbourne?

  • The amount of power your 5kW solar power system will produce depends on how much sunlight your area receives, as well as system positioning.
  • And obviously, it will produce more energy in summer than in winters; sunnier locations will visibly generate more power.
  • This is the reason it’s really essential that your solar panels are positioned at right angle to receive the optimal sunshine amount.
  • Our fully trained and experienced solar installers will ensure your 5kW solar system is correctly positioned with as little shade as possible, and ready to capture more sunlight all around the year.
  • On an average, the 5kW solar systems produce 22 units per day (8030kWh per year) approximately.

The table given below shows a rough figure for daily power output (for a range of popular solar systems) in the Melbourne, Victoria assuming a typical energy loss of 15%.


Approx. daily solar PV system output in Melbourne (Popular system sizes at 85% efficiency)

Solar system size (kilowatts)

Avg. daily power output (kilowatt-hours)

1.5kW 5.3kWh – 6.1kWh
2kW 7.1kWh – 8.2kWh
3kW 10.7kWh – 12.2kWh
4kW 14.2kWh – 16.3kWh
5kW 17.8kWh – 20.4kWh
10kW 35.5kWh – 40.8kWh


But as we previously mentioned, quality is indeed a big deal for Solar Beam and its buyers as well. Purchasing the high-quality and affordable 5kw solar system in Melbourne, Victoria will allow you operate more efficiently with best financial returns delivered.

How long will a 5kW Solar System take to pay for itself?

Your 5kw solar system payback period will, of course, depends on the number of factors such as:

  • Your power usage pattern
  • Orientation and tilt of panels array
  • Quality of Components you choose
  • Price you paid for 5kw solar system installation
  • Amount of sunlight your solar panels are exposed to
  • The number of hours of full sun vs. cloudy days (governed by the area you live)

However, a 5kw solar system generally payback for itself in 2.5 – 4.5 years in Melbourne considering the panels are installed in the right direction.


Returns on investment on 5kW solar system Melbourne

  • A 5kW solar system in Melbourne, Victoria can save around $1450 per year approximately.
  • As every home is unique, our solar installers need to customize the installation according to the type and size of the roof.

If you’re ready for a cost estimation on the 5kW solar system for your property in Melbourne, Victoria, don’t hesitate to call us on 1300 004 077 today.

5kw Solar System Melbourne: Compare system prices

Working out to choose the right system for your needs can be tough as there are varieties of options to consider.

And that’s the reason we’re here to help you. Solar Beam has become a familiar household brand you can blindly trust.

Just give us a call on 1300 004 077 today to let our experts know your solar requirements and options – we’re sure to have a system right for your home, lifestyle, and budget.

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