10kw Solar System with Battery Backup

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Does an off grid 10kw Solar System makes sense for you?

In the previous blog, we discussed about the power, price and savings of a 10kw solar system which is a perfect system size for ambitious endeavour.

In this blog, we’ll take a look at the cases for going off-grid with a 10kw solar system for residential system size in NSW.

When it comes to going off grid, most people often think how feasible it is…or is it really worth it for the average-sized households.

Yes! There exists a battery backup technology that makes it possible to go off the grid.

This is astounding!

Most homes in Australia disconnect themselves from the grid and rely on 10kW solar system with battery backup. It’s also great to get people thinking about ways to save energy and be more efficient. ….

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Is 10kw solar system with battery backup is energy efficient for your home?

First, let’s assume you have a 10kw solar system in NSW with no solar feed-in tariff incentive in your home which means you are self-consuming your solar energy instead of sending it into the grid.

Whether or not a home go for severing ties with a grid, the size of a solar power system depends on a number of factors including:

  • Geographical Location: Some cities of Australia are sunnier than others. Perth and NSW are the sunniest places available of all of Australia’s capital cities, while Hobart is the least.
  • Roof orientation and tilt: In NSW, north-facing roofs whose inclination is approximately at the same angle as the location’s latitude generate the most energy. East and west-facing arrays or rooftops tend to generate a bit less energy and south-facing rooftops least of all.
  • Daytime energy consumption: If you prefer to use most of your electrical energy during the daytime, you won’t require a large battery backup since you will probably consume the solar power directly, as it is being generated.
  • Regular energy consumption: If your regular power requirements are low (e.g. under 10 kWh/per day), it will be comfortable for you to install a 10kw solar system in NSW with battery backup which can also make you self-sufficient.
  • Total solar energy generated: If you want to go off-grid then please note that you need to store sufficient energy for 3-4 days of rainy weather, this is called ‘energy autonomy’. If your 10kw solar system is not large enough to charge your battery backup, then you’ll need a generator to go off grid, which could enhance the entire cost of your PV system considerably.

Additionally, there are a number of other factors that homeowners often think before going off grid. One of the main factors we going to discuss next is reasons why you should buy a PV system with battery backup.

  10kW solar system with battery backup

Why consider buying a 10kw Solar System with Battery Backup? 4 Reasons!

  1. It keeps the electricity flowing if the grid goes down: In the event of power outage from the grid, most solar PV systems shut away due to safety purposes. A 10kw solar system with battery backup can safely disconnects your home from the grid in the case of a power failure, but runs your home with batteries.
  2.  Overcomes solar system ‘size limits’ imposed by the electricity network: Most electricity network operators are reinforcing restrictions on maximum allowable system sizes. This frequently results in house owners being restricted to a certain solar system size which is much smaller than they need to offset their energy bills. A 10kw solar system with battery backup get around this limitation using a smart inverter that works with your battery storage.
  3. Get around low feed-in tariffs: With a 10kw solar system + battery backup (LG Chem-the most popular and trusted brand), your inverter charges batteries through sufficient solar power to be used at night. There is need to just accept 5% for your exported solar power rather you will get free electricity.
  4. Benefits from cheap off-peak electricity: There is available ‘Time of use’ tariff at some places in Australia which means grid electricity costs more during peak demand periods. Having a 10kw solar system with battery backup, you can use stored battery power during peak hours when prices are high, instead of buying power.

The next best thing which we are going to discuss is benefits, which should be taken into consideration before going off grid.

10kW solar system with battery backup

What are the Benefits of using a “10kw Solar System with Battery Backup”?

  • A 10kw solar system uses solar energy during day time when the sun shines.
  • It charges batteries for night usage, and still delivers surplus power your home.
  • This is the only grid power available cheap and optimises the value of grid-supplied mains electricity.
  • Improves sub-standard or low voltage mains electricity supply
  • Avoids peak-usage charges, by using cost-effective battery backup power
  • Avoids buying electricity at the highest tariff rates
  • A 10kw solar system in NSW with battery backup is a reliable, uninterrupted power available any time, even when the grid is not functioning.
  • It overcomes utility-imposed restrictions of solar system size by accumulating the unused power and preserving the power exported to the grid.

Going through the above benefits you can clearly see, a 10kw solar system is completely feasible for homes with low power consumption to cut through the grid with battery backup.


Final verdict: Off-grid with 10kw solar system is actually possible?

Definitely yes!

In fact, a 10kW solar system can actually be overkill in many cases where regular energy consumption is 10kWh/day or low.

Even if the average daily electricity consumption rose to 15kWh per day, the solar power system will still generate sufficient power to meet electricity demand of the home.

With the end of regulated feed-in tariffs, we started designing our grid connected solar power systems with a focus on “self-consumption”.

One thing we haven’t talked about here is, of course, cost. Although a 10kW solar system basically cost lower but the battery backup will be a bit more expensive (though the prices are coming down).

To get a complete picture of the cost, financial returns and savings for your ideal 10kw solar system, call Solar Beam at 1300-004-077, they’ll help you give transparent, accurate and unbiased information related to your query.

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