3kw Solar Packages and Special Offers

Looking to get a deal on a 3kw Solar System?

Unlike other solar companies, we don’t sell cheap solar PV systems, because we care about quality of the product. You may find a cheaper Tier 2 solar panels and an inverter which are likely not going to last for more than 5 years.

At Solar Beam, we deliver the high-quality and affordable and 3kw solar system which can withstand the test of time.

In addition to guaranteed lowest pricing on solar panels and inverters, we’ll help you in all possible way in providing a superior level of the customer service.

Our fully installed 3kw solar system special package include Tier 1 (Jinko Solar panel) with best inverter brand (Zever Solar Inverter) you want to buy, with a whopping 13.2kWh of energy storage.

We are offering a premium 3kW solar system package cost worth $3650 in NSW after taking rebates into account.

You can ensure that you getting the best price for your solar panels by reviewing special offer of different solar companies.

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3kW Solar System Special – $3650 Fully Installed

When looking to purchase a solar power system, there are a number of things to consider, like how power will it generate, conversion efficiency, performance warranty, etc.

What you will get?

  • 12 x 270W high performance JINKO Solar Panels
  • High module conversion efficiency (up to 19%)
  • Severe Weather Resilience: Withstand wind load (2400 Pascal) and snow load (5400 Pascal)
  • Performance warranty of 25-30 years along with 10-12 years manufacturer’s warranty on photovoltaic panels
  • ZEVER Inverter with a whopping 2kWh of energy storage
  • Extended 10 years warranty offer available on selected inverters
  • HUGE SAVINGS (up to 98%) on your annual electricity bill
  • Proven & certified Australian team of solar experts

We can have your installations within two weeks! From start to finish, our team of solar experts will take care of your solar panel installation.

We’ll help you every step of the way including designing your panel layout, sizing your system, permitting, and interconnection.

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Cost of 3kw Solar System

No doubt, the cost of a 3kw solar system will depend on size and the brand you buy. Depending on the different solar panel size and model types, the price range will, of course, vary slightly.

The more efficient the solar panel you buy, the more long term savings you will get. Our current monthly specials for 3Kw solar system special offer will let you save big (up to 30% off) on the regular price.

With solar panel prices so low these days, we find many users in NSW buying 3kW and 5kW solar systems even when their quarterly electricity bills are around $600 or low.

If you would like to know how much does a 3kw solar system actually cost then call our experts on 1300-004-077 and get a free quote.

Is 3kw Solar System Special Kit Right for me?

The 3kw solar systems are the smallest options and are most common in medium-sized households in Australia. Especially it is great for those guys who are looking to cut a big chunk of their electricity usage.

And the biggest advantage, it take less than 300ft² of roof space so even a small roof can easily accommodate the 3kw solar system.

The significant amount of energy (225-500kWh) generated by a 3kw solar system NSW is enough to offset most of your electric appliances even you air condition.

A medium-sized Aussie household uses an average of 920kWh per month. Based on that average, a 3kw solar system special can deliver 25-54% of your power usage and can greatly reduce your power bills.

3kw solar system special

Energy Output of 3kw Solar System Special

Do you know that you can SAVE big and make your home more energy efficient by installing a 3 kWh Solar System Special Kit?

Yes! It is correct to believe because we provide high quality, tailored solar panel & inverter solutions for your home.

Our good-quality 3kW solar system special consists of 12 x 270-watt solar panels which is able to generate around 2,500kWh of electricity per year.

The significant amount of energy produced will be able run LCD TV’s, Refrigerators, Ceiling Fans, Tube Lights, etc.

Due to the sufficient energy produced per year, the 3kw and 5kw Solar Systems NSW are the most used by households in Australia. The larger the installed system, the more energy it will generate.


Advantages of the installing 3kw Solar System Special

  • By choosing a 3kWh system, you’ll generate more revenue than a smaller 1kw or 2kw solar systems, over a longer period of time.
  • The more power generated will reduce your electricity bills in the long-term, and hence the investment will be earned back in a shorter interval of time.
  • According to the guidelines published by the Clean Energy Council, a 3kW solar system in NSW facing north with no shade will output 4,271 kWh a year.
  • Installing solar you’ll be reducing the overall dependence on fossil fuels & help clean up the environment for future generations.

Perhaps you’ve heard all about the benefits offered by a 3kw solar system. Still if you’re finding more information on 3kw, visit our Guide 3kW Solar System NSW – Price, Output, Benefits & ROI | Solar Beam, where you can read more about it.

To get a complete picture of the financial returns and savings for your ideal 3kw solar system, try our solar payback calculator.

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