5kw Solar System Perth – Facts & Figures

Perth is one of the best sunniest cities in the Australia to install a solar PV system. Like other cities of Australia, in Perth electricity prices are particularly expensive and solar installation costs have significantly dropped over the past few years.

Thanks to the financial subsidies available through the federal government which is making solar power a clever investment in Perth.

So What Type of Solar System you should install in Perth?

A solar power system in Perth needs to endure the excessive sun’s heat and continue to work efficiently through the hot summer. For all average sized households or small business owners considering solar power, we strongly recommend choosing 5kw solar system.

A 5kw solar system is a perfect size for typical Aussie homes and is the reason it is becoming more popular in Perth. At Solar Beam, we offer fully installed Australian-supported 5kW solar system with comprehensive warranties and after-sale support.

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Examples of high-quality Australian-supported solar power brands include Jinko Solar, Q CELLS and Sun Power (for solar panels) and SMA, Fronius and Zeversolar (for solar inverters).


5kw Solar system Packages for Perth

If you’re looking for a 5kw solar system in Perth, then this guide is a good place to start.

With the vast range of high-quality and Australian-supported products, Solar Beam makes choosing solar energy simple.

Most importantly, we source our solar electric panels (including 5kw solar system) and inverters straight from the manufacturer; so you’ll be able to get advantage of special deals and offers round the year.

Beside this, residing in Perth confer an excellent opportunity for homes and business entrepreneurs to cut their electricity bills and carbon footprints. With dazzling sunny conditions available around the year, your solar panels will deliver immense results & incredible savings.

Browse all our popular brands for 5kw solar system here: Solar Panels – Buying Guide, Price and Energy Output and decide which system is right for you.

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Why 5kw Solar system Works best In Perth? 7 Reasons!

Rooftop solar panels offer great financial returns for homes & businesses in Perth. It also help Aussie homes save money on their power bills.

Here are 7 reasons why Perth is a good place for solar panel installation.

  • A 5kw solar system generally offers better value and more financial returns than a larger one.
  • Perth enjoys more sun saturation with lots of sunshine than in any other places in Australia.
  • There is an approx. 8 hours of sunlight every day and an average of 118 clear days every year in Perth.
  • Temperature in Perth rarely drops down below 5 degrees even in winter which keeps your 5kw solar system busy throughout the year.
  • Generous government incentives are also available for households and business owners in Perth, means low solar system prices.
  • Installing a 5kw solar system helps in reducing the initial cost of installation as well as crediting the buyers that pump excess electricity into the grid.
  • Perth is currently the best city in Australia for battery storage.

Contact Solar Beam to find out more information about current Feed-In Tariff Rates and Government bonuses.

5kw Solar System Perth

How Much Can You Save with a 5kw Solar System In Perth?

Environmental and financial savings through a 5kw solar power system in Perth will depend on a number of variations including:

  • Your level of Energy Consumption
  • Tilt and orientation of solar panels
  • Geographical location of the system
  • Cloud cover levels
  • Shading of your solar panels
  • Expected daily & annual solar irradiation
  • Actual operating temperature of the panels
  • The performance of the individual components

Nevertheless, you can see an approx. of 6c to 10c of power supplies each day depending on the type of solar power system you are using.

5kw Solar Systems Offer Great ROI for Perth Homes & Businesses

A 5kw solar system has become a popular system size for homes and businesses across Australia and other countries of the world. According to our data Perth tops the list of the best cities for going solar.

This is because of couple of reasons such as high grid power rates, low solar electric system costs and abundant sunshine in Perth.

The average payback period for a 5kW solar system at Perth is under 5 years and the solar power system will continue to operate for 25 years.

Having a 5kw solar system on your roof is basically like owning your own power station. Homeowners and businessmen choosing to go solar often are excited to start the process.

If you’re ready to go solar in Perth or if you have any questions about solar power technology, then we’re here provide you with the information you need.

Let Solar Beam help you get Best Solar Deals in Perth

Going solar in Perth is one of the most beneficial investments one can make for their residential or commercial property. Solar Beam is uniquely poised to identify the best deals and offers on solar and facilitate their users to get the system that best suits their budget and needs.

Solar Beam, as Australia’s best Solar panel installers, connects solar PV customers with installers who service their area. It provides comprehensive quote comparisons of solar power installations throughout Australia including in Perth.

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