Everything You Need to know about getting 5kw Solar System installed for your home or business

NSW is one of the most geographically suited states in Australia for residential and commercial solar system uptake. About 1.6 million Aussie homes already have solar panels installed.

Aimed primarily at the residential market, a 5kW solar power system is perfect for bigger and average sized Australian family.

Such a system is capable of producing 22-24 units on an average around the year. This is able to deliver huge savings at the rate of $4.62/day. More details about savings structure and discount offers can be read here.


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While information on specific solar panels, cost, and output can be tough to pin down, we’ve done our best to provide a comprehensive look at the 5kw solar system to get you started.

Check out our in-depth review and then sort the information for yourself based on your preferences.

  • 5KW Solar System facts
  • How Much Roof Space Does a 5kW Solar System Need?
  • 5kW System ROI?
  • How much can you expect to save using a 5kw solar system?
  • 5KW Solar System Pricing
  • Current 5kw Solar System Rebate
  • 5kw Solar System with Battery Backup
  • 5kw Solar System Output Per Day
  • Average payback period of a 5kw solar System
  • 5 KW Solar System vs. 3 KW Solar System

So, let’s start to discuss…

5kW Solar System NSW | Solar Beam

The 5kW solar system is one of the most popular solar packages offered nowadays in NSW. It is a perfect size for the typical Aussie families as it produces 22kW / day.

At Solar Beam, we offer 5.5kW solar system including full installation, 20 x 270W Tier 1 solar panels and a 5.0kW high-efficiency inverter. You can pick your ideal solar solution that suits best for your home from the various different packages we offer.

Our solar experts will help you easily understand your home’s power usage and consumption.


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5kW Solar System Information @Solar Beam

  • 5 KW solar systems deliver high-efficiency solar panels (5000 Watts)
  • Proven certified Australian team of solar experts
  • Extended 10 years warranty offer available on selected inverters
  • Performance warranty of 25-30 years along with 10-12 years manufacturer’s warranty on photovoltaic panels
  • Installation by CEC accredited electricians with 1-year workmanship warranty
  • BIG SAVINGS (up to 98%) on your annual electricity bill

Further, it is important for you to understand the amount of roof space required for installing a 5kw solar system.

solar panel on roof

How Much Roof Space Does a 5kW Solar System Need?

Well, this depends on what type of solar panels you choose. This is because as panel’s capacity get large they also become a little more efficient. A modern-day 5kW solar system using 250W panels will require about 20-40 m2 of roof space, depending on the power of the panels. Each 250W panel measures about 1.6m x 1m.

To give a feel for how big 32m² roof space is this picture may assist you:

5kW solar system NSW

Are there any special requirements for the roof?

Not at all! Our solar mounting systems are designed and engineered for almost all types of roofs that work quite effectively in all the environments.

We never recommend our customers to get a solar PV system installed on their roof which might need to be replaced in the near future.

Nevertheless, our solar experts work to take care of the fixes if required prior to the installation.

How Much Does a 5kW Solar System Produce (ROI)?

Again, this depends on a number of variations such as geographical location, expected daily solar radiation, quality, and performance of solar panels, etc.

A good quality 5kW solar system produces an average 21 kWh per day which can deliver up to $1900 annually return on your solar system investment depending on below factors:

  • Geographical location of the system
  • Cloud cover levels
  • Expected daily & annual solar irradiation
  • Orientation & tilt angle of the solar panel array
  • Whether there is any shade cast on the panels
  • Actual operating temperature of the panels
  • The performance of the individual components (e.g. the panels and the inverters)

Depending on where you live in NSW, Australia, the 5kW solar system will generate a different amount of energy each day.

As an average amount, you can see approximately 6c to 10c of power supplies each day depending on the type of power system you are using.

How much can I save using a 5KW solar system in NSW?

The answer to this question is not as simple as you think because it too depends on several factors.

Here are two major factors determining how much you can save how much you can save form a 5Kw solar system:

  • How much power your panels generate
  • How much of that power is used by your household

But, in general, if your system’s solar panels are receiving about 4.3 hours of sunlight per day, then you can lower your electricity bills by 90%. Learn more about the Feed-In Tariff schemes in your state here.

Further, it’s time to highlight the cost! Here is a more detailed look at the additional costs of going solar.


5kW Solar Systems NSW Pricing

A 5kW solar system will certainly cost different depending on the brand you choose to buy it from. Prices may vary from city to city due to logistics, taxes etc.

As of Oct 2017, the average cost of solar in the NSW is $0.79 per watt ($3,950 for a 5 kilowatt system). That means you can get a 5kw solar system package (Jinko with Zever solar) for just $3,950 only. Go for this offer and REDUCE YOUR ENERGY BILLS up to 98%.

Solar panel prices have dropped in the past 10 years to about half the cost they were in 2008. A homeowner or entrepreneur can expect to pay between $3,000 and $8,000 for the panels in a typical installation in NSW.

Because every household’s needs are unique, so the exact cost of the 5kw solar system will depend on the size of the system, ease of the installation, solar rebates, and government incentives.

We custom build each installation based on the unique power requirements of each residence.

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5kw Solar Panels Rebate | Reducing the Upfront Cost of the system

Luckily, Australians have some of the most generous Government incentives nowadays that assist home owners and businessmen with installing solar power systems.

Solar panels incentives in Australia primarily comes in two forms:

  • An upfront reduction in the cost of solar panels through STCs (Small Technology Certificates) under Renewable Energy Target in Australia.
  • Payment for any excess power generated by a solar PV system through Feed-In Tariffs paid by Electricity Retailer and the State Governments.

If you prefer to buy a 5kw solar system today, it is subsidized by a federal government scheme, the price will fall by around $266 down to $3,724.”

That’s around $3,990 off a typical 5kw solar system, which is usually applied at the point of sale.

“This ‘rebate’ is set to expire on 31st December 2017. … Lock in your tax credit and start slashing your power bills.”

Well, the current legislation indicates that the solar panels rebate will start to reduce by one fifteenth every year from Jan 2017 until it drops to zero in 2032.

So, there’s no danger of the solar panels rebate being scrapped entirely in the future.

Go to the next page about How Feed in Tariffs work.

5kw Solar System with Battery Backup

Lower your electricity bill and protect yourself from power outages

A traditional grid-connected 5kw solar system can only operate until the utility power is available. This means when the utility power goes down, the grid-connected solar power system also shuts down.

With battery storage system, you don’t have to leave yourself in the dark when you need power the most.

The addition of new generation battery backup technology (battery + inverter) can deliver a seamless uninterrupted power supply for your home while offsetting electricity bills.

solar battery

Stay energized with the clean backup power even when the grid is down

While the utility power is available, energy generated by the 5kw solar system is used by the households and superfluous energy is sent to the grid.

In case of power failure, the battery backup will turn on automatically to offset critical home appliances such as fridge, lights, computers and more.

The combination of battery storage and solar power works flawlessly to deliver clean energy to the home appliances during the power outage.

5kw Solar System Output Per Day

Solar power system output depends on several factors including the weather, roof orientation, the angle of the panels, the seasons and the size of your system.

Here is a quick summary….

Estimated average daily output for a 5kw solar system output depends upon 8 factors:

  1. The intensity of the sunlight (depends on where you live)
  2. The amount of sunlight your solar panels are exposed to
  3. The number of daylight hours (governed by where you live)
  4. The orientation and tilt of your 5kw solar system installation (optimized by your solar installer)
  5. Whether there are shadows cast over your solar cells (due to buildings, trees, etc.)
  6. How big are the solar panels, and how efficient are the solar cells at converting energy
  7. Does intermittent shading obscure direct sunlight from hitting the roof?
  8. The number of hours of full sun vs. cloudy days (governed by the area you live)

And that’s why we only consider averages as well as guidelines directed by the clean energy council.

The council advised that in Sydney a 5kw solar system on an average will work out to produce 25.75 kW per day taking weather into consideration.

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5kW solar system

Curious to know how many kWh (kilowatt hours) your solar power system will produce per year?

It’s simple maths…All you need to do is, multiply the peak sun hours for the Sydney (as per Meteorology records).

For sake of instance, let’s say you are residing in Sydney and are planning to get a 5kW solar system installed at your home.

For illustration, let’s suppose the peak sun hours are currently 5.15 hours per day.

Now multiply it by actual power of your inverter (let’s say 5kw for convenience) which works out to 25.75kw per day.

Approx. daily solar PV system output in NSW (Popular system sizes at 85% efficiency)

Solar system size (kilowatts)

Avg. daily power output (kilowatt-hours)

1.5kW 5.3kWh – 6.1kWh
2kW 7.1kWh – 8.2kWh
3kW 10.7kWh – 12.2kWh
4kW 14.2kWh – 16.3kWh
5kW 20.8kWh – 25.4kWh
10kW 35.5kWh – 40.8kWh

On any given day this figure could be extremely different. More information on this here: 5kw Solar System Output per day in Australia

[su_note]Although installing solar panels offers lots of environmental advantages, the foremost reason households go solar is because of its huge savings.[/su_note]

So, let’s talk about how long a 5kw solar system will take to pay back for itself.

What’s the average payback period of a 5kw solar System?

Because of large savings and negative electricity bills solar customers are getting, the 5kw solar system is an investment, not a traditional expense.

But what is the average payback period for a solar installation?

The exact payback period depends on a 5kw solar system will depend on a number of different factors, including:

  • Your electricity usage pattern
  • Quality of Components you choose
  • Orientation and tilt of panels array
  • Price you paid for 5kw solar system installation
  • The number of hours of full sun vs. cloudy days 
  • Amount of sunlight your panels are exposed to

However, on an average, a 5kw solar system normally payback for itself in 2.5 – 4.5 years in NSW considering the panels are installed in the right direction.

5 KW Solar System NSW – More Value for Money than a 3 KW Solar System?

This is one of the first concerns a household consider before buying or installing a solar PV system. Two of the most popular residential solar system sizes in NSW are 3kW and 5kW. Which solar system size is the better investment and why?

The answer is relatively simple.

Despite the fact, 5kW solar systems have a bit higher out-of-pocket costs, they generate more energy. In fact, the increase in price is relatively small when we compare to the increase in output or energy yields – which means greater value for money.

[su_note]So, in conclusion: a 5kW solar system is a larger and beneficial investment one can make for their residential or commercial property. It can generate a significant amount of energy which ultimately meets your future electricity consumption growth.[/su_note]

No doubt! ROI is similar to both systems 3kw and 5kw solar system. But, the solar rebate for a 5kW system is around $3,990 which is the minimum value it would add to the home.

Go solar today for a brighter tomorrow!

Implementing solar power provides clean, affordable energy that will last more than a lifetime.

Solar system perth

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5kW solar system

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