Buying a solar energy system is a big decision. So you must be confident that you’re choosing the right one. Rapidly rising in popularity, a 5kw solar system in NSW is a perfect choice for medium or large sized households.

In fact, 5kW solar systems are the minimum system size one should consider as it can easily offset a typical home’s electricity usage and its cost per kw is the cheapest of all system sizes.

For those wondering how much solar will cost to install, electricity yields and typical power output that a household can expect from a 5kW solar PV system, we have written this blog.

This blog will take a look at:

  • How many solar panels will you need?
  • Price ranges of 5kw solar system
  • Typical power output of 5kw solar system
  • Why choose solar beam for your energy solar solutions
  • Savings and Electricity yields

that a household can expect from a 5kW solar system in NSW. Now, let’s move forward to learn more…


How many panels & how much roof space do I need for a 5kW solar system NSW?

To make up a 5kW solar system you need 20 solar panels, assuming you use 250W panels.  A modern-day 5kW solar system will be composed of around 15-20 panels and each panel will be about 1.6m x 1m. So you’ll need at least 20-40 m2 of roof space, depending on the power of the panels.

For illustration, here is a clear picture of 32m² roofs which may help you figure out how big it may look.

5kw solar system NSW

A 5kw Solar System Array – To Scale Using 250W Solar Panels

5 kW solar systems are the average size for solar panel installations for typical Aussie family in NSW. So for those looking at some price data for 5,000 watts of power is a good place to start.

Price varies based upon the type of equipment you choose, the size of your system and the state that you live in. Read more to learn about how much solar panels cost, how much electricity a 5kW system can produce.

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How much will a 5kW Solar System NSW Cost?

NSW, Australia is a big home to some of the least possible solar PV system prices in the world. And thanks to a broad combination of local and global factors.

[su_note]As of July 2017, the average cost of solar in the NSW is $0.91 per watt ($4,599 for a 5 kilowatt system). That means you can get a 5kw Jinko with Zever solar for just $4599 only. Go for this offer and REDUCE YOUR ENERGY BILLS up to 98%.[/su_note]

How long does it take to pay off?

With the amazing and affordable price, your 5kw Solar system will pay back the cost in energy bill savings in approximately 18 months!

5kw solar system NSW

Remember: We do not ask our customers to sign a contract nor we ask to make any deposits. From start to finish, our team of solar experts will take care of your solar panel installation. You just have to pay the solar installer after the job is done.

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Typical power output of 5kW solar system NSW

The actual power output of a 5kW solar system in NSW will vary depending upon the number of factors. These include:

  • Geographical location of the system
  • Expected daily & annual solar irradiation
  • Cloud cover levels
  • Orientation & tilt angle of the solar panel array
  • Actual operating temperature of the panels
  • Whether there is any shade cast on the panels
  • The performance of the individual components (e.g. the panels and the inverters)


As clearly stated in the first few points above, different areas receive different amounts of sunlight. The amount of sunshine falling on a solar panel array has a direct impact on the system’s output.

5kw solar system NSW

What will it provide?

As a rough figure, a 5 kw solar system in NSW can provide you with over 21kw hours per day. This is enough to power an average Aussie family.

Here are some Inverter alternatives we offer:

#1: ABB string inverters

For an ABB Inverter datasheet, please click here.

#2: SMA solar inverters

For an SMA Solar Inverter datasheet, please click here.

#3: Fronius inverters

For an Fronius Solar Inverter datasheet, please click here.

#4: Solax inverters

For an Solax Inverter datasheet, please click here.

#5: Zever solar inverters

For a Zever Inverter datasheet please click here.

These are some brands of inverter we offer to ensure you get the most from your investment, but it’s important for you to choose the right system according to your budget, lifestyle and location.

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Why choose Solar Beam for your 5kW solar system?

We offer wide range of industry-leading solar power systems and solar battery storage solutions to make you get the most of your solar energy.

To help you choose the best solar solution, we have designed different system with different energy needs, lifestyles and budgets.

Get value for your money along with the following benefits of using 5KW solar system:

  • 5 KW solar systems provides high efficiency solar panels (5000 Watts)
  • Extended 10 years warranty offer available on selected inverters
  • Proven & certified Australian team of solar experts
  • Performance warranty of 25-30 years along with 10-12 years manufacturer’s warranty on photovoltaic panels
  • You can save big (up to 90%) on your annual electricity bill by switching to solar power.
  • Installation by CEC accredited electricians with 1 year workmanship warranty

5kw solar system NSW

Moreover, you can achieve the highest output using 5 KW solar system, but the actual power generated will vary based on location, equipment and installation factors.


How much money will a 5kW solar system save in NSW?

Now you must be snooping: “If the system offsets the energy usage, then certainly it will wipe out heavy electricity bill?”

Yes! Solar Power systems can most definitely save you money by cutting on your power bills. But the real question is, how much exactly? Unfortunately it is not that simple!

5kw solar system NSW

Because that figure is based upon number of factors given below:

  • Geographical location of the system
  • Expected daily & annual solar irradiation & cloud level
  • The available space of your roof
  • How much are you prepared to spend?
  • The quality of components in solar panel you want to use

But on an average Solar panels have revealed to lower your electricity bills by 90%.

So, are you ready to join the list of cost-efficient homeowners or businessmen? Then Put Solar Power to Work.


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